Vocabulary Words for IELTS Speaking: List of Topic Related Vocabulary with Examples (2023)

Vocabulary Words for IELTS Speaking: List of Topic Related Vocabulary with Examples (1)




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IELTS vocabulary list with examples and sentences to understand better. Vocabulary for all the types of questions of the speaking section. Get all the IELTS vocabulary words with meanings here.

If you are aiming to go abroad for professional reasons or want to pursue higher studies in any English speaking country then you have to give proof of your English efficiency. IELTS aka International English Language Testing System is one of the most popular and widely taken tests for proving English proficiency.

To prove one’s English efficiency, one has to go through four sections of the test such as speaking, reading, writing and listening. One has to prepare and perform well in all the parts of exams to get an overall good band score.

As this is a test for checking the English proficiency level, one has to use good words in his/ her tasks. Vocabulary words for IELTS speaking play an important role in achieving good marks.

Here in this article, you will find a list of topic-related vocabulary and linking words for IELTS speaking. So let’s begin the journey of finding the best words for IELTS speaking.

Topic Related Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking with Meanings

Here is some topic related vocabulary for the IELTS speaking test. By learning and using this vocabulary for IELTS speaking you can secure good marks in your IELTS test.

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Travel and Holidays Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking

accommodationWhen I am travelling the best place for accommodation are villas.
all holidayWhen James lost his job, he went for an all holiday to Paris
all-inclusiveI think hotels and restaurants with all-inclusive service are the most comfortable.
half-boardI liked my half-board service in Brazil.
full-boardI think the full-board accommodation at Pan Pacific, Singapore is the best
self-cateringI think that self-catering travel is a great way of travel because we can learn more things
breathtaking viewI have seen breathtaking views during my travel to Brazil
charter flightDue to our reasonable budget, we had to travel on a charter flight.
far-off destinationBrazil is a far-off place, which I want to visit during my summer holidays
busman’s holidayThere are many people who spend busman’s holidays nowadays
guided tourThe guided tours are the best tours to learn about historical and monumental places

Friends Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking

close friendSarah and Gita are close friends and always hang out together.
enjoy each other’s companySarah and Gita enjoy each other’s company
fair-weather friendIn this world, we can barely find friends who are not only fair-weather friends.
to fall out withHe left the part after falling out with his friends
shoulder to cry onI am so blessed to have a friend like Sarah because it’s good to have a shoulder to cry on.
to be well-matchedJames and Sarah are well matched together.
to break upMy friends, Sita and Gita broke up their friendship because they met new friends
to drift apartAs time goes on, classmates and school buddies drift apart
to get on like a house on fireI like my new classmate and it’s like getting a house on fire because our likes and dislikes are the same.
to get on well with somebodyI am an extroverted person and so I get on well with new people easily.
to get to know someoneI thought that James was a negative person, but when I got to know him, I understood his true character

Technology Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking

computer ageWe all are living in the computer age and it has its own merits and demerits.
computer buffMy brother is a computer buff and he got A+ in data science.
desktop PCI have brought a desktop PC of windows yesterday
digital editingMy brother does the digital editing of videos really well.
download (podcasts)I downloaded some audio files yesterday, and I am going to listen to them during my trip.
gadgetMy brother’s room is filled with the latest gadgets.
geekMy brother is a real geek and owns a bunch of gadgets in his room.
large screenI bought a large screen monitor for my computer system.
light-years aheadThe computers which are used today are light years ahead of the 90s.
operating systemI chose a laptop with Linux operating system.
rocket scienceUnderstanding a gadget is rocket science for me.
social mediaInstagram, Facebook and Whatsapp are the big social media giants

Sports Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking

active restto build muscle
athletics track (running track)to get into shape
barbellto set a record
fitness programto run the marathon
joggingto train hard
personal trainer (sports coach)to work out
sports centre (fitness centre)treadmill
squash/tennis/badminton courtblow the competition away
strong swimmerbrisk walk (brisk walking)
strenuous exercisefootball fan
strength-training strategykeep-fit exercises
swimming poolsports meeting (athletics meeting)

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Food Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking With Meanings

dine inDinner at home
dine outDinner at a restaurant or hotel
fussy eaterA picky eater and has few likes
home-cooked foodFood cooked at home
in a walking distance ofwhich is close to or nearby
mouth-wateringwhich looks and tastes delicious
nutritious productsproducts that are rich in nutrients and calories
processed foodwhich is not organic
quick snacka light and quick meal
slap-up mealcooking the meal very rapidly
take-awaya meal which is brought from a hotel and then eaten at home.

Education Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking With Meanings

humanitiesstudies that include literature, philosophy, history and languages
sciencesstudy of biology, physics, chemistry and maths
bachelor’s degreea course after 12th which is for 3 to 5 years
distance learning (e-learning)education that takes place over gadgets
bookworma person who is addicted to books
face-to-face classesclassroom studying
higher educationafter high school
intensive coursea course that offers frequent and long lessons
master’s degreeafter undergraduate course
public schoolsindependent schools
tuition feesthe money that the student pays for education

Weather Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking With Meanings

boiling hotvery hot weather
mildtemperature is pleasant and warm
freezing coldvery cold
degrees Celsiusscale to measure temperature
to go below zerotemperature below zero which is in negative
gloomysky with dark clouds and dull light
clearwithout any clouds overhead
downpoura huge amount of rainfall
snowstormlarge amounts of snow and wind
wind chill factorthe wind makes the atmosphere feels cooler than the actual temperature

Environment Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking with Meanings

air qualitythe integrity of the air which we breathe
biodiversityNature, plants and animals constitute biodiversity.
endangered specieswhich are on the verge of extinction
environmentally friendlywhich is best for nature and is not harmful
exhaust fumesgases which are sent out by automobiles as waste
global warmingincrease in the temperature of the earth
greenhouse effectheating of the earth due to CO2 and other gases
natural disasterdisasters which are caused naturally, like an earthquake
paper recyclingusing the used paper
to be under threatThe danger in becoming extinct
to get back to naturelife closer to nature

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Linking Words for IELTS Speaking

Below mentioned are some of the linking words for the IELTS speaking test along with their proper usage in sentences.

Best Words for IELTS Speaking for Adding more Information

Linking WordsUsage in Sentence
AlsoBesides talking over the phone, he was also packing his bags.
AndThe boy was arrested by the police and his family also disowned him.
As well asHe is intelligent as well as sober.
Another reason isHe wanted to stay there and that was another reason behind buying a house there.

Time Phrases for IELTS Speaking Part 1/ 3

IELTS speaking useful vocabularyExample in sentence
NowNow, there are hardly any big trees on the side of the road.
At the momentAt the moment, leaving the premises will be the best idea.
At presentAt present, he is maintaining the shop.
These daysThese days he seems to be lost in his world.
NowadaysNowadays we do not go there.
Years agoYears ago there used to be a couple who were deeply in love.
When I was youngerWhen I was younger, I had a bad habit of nail-biting.
In the pastIn the past, there were only single-screen cinema halls, unlike the present day.
Right nowOur aim right now is to motivate most young people to quit smoking.
ThenThen she decided to move on.

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Ideas Expressing Idioms and Phrases for IELTS

Useful phrases for IELTS speaking part 1/2Example
I guess …I guess we should wait for half an hour more.
I think …I think there must be some problem in the meter box.
I suppose …I suppose you love the work and try to be efficient at it.

Cause and Solutions Words to Use in IELTS Speaking

Good wordsExample
I guess it’s becauseI guess it’s because of the traffic that they still have not reached.
I think the best wayI think the best way to escape from this trap is to act dead.
BecauseWe couldn’t go there because of my father’s illness.
It was causedIt was caused due to malnutrition.
The main reasonThe main reason behind her death is still not found.
I reckonI reckon that I will reach the office by noon.
To solveThey are demanding a CBI enquiry to solve the murder mystery.

Example Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking

Vocabulary for IELTS speakingUsage
For instanceWe need to be more caring towards nature, for instance, planting more trees.
For exampleA few measurements are yet to be taken, for example, the length of the desks, etc.
Such asThere were plenty of colour options available, such as red, blue, violet etc.
LikeThey used to go to various places together like the church, library, shopping centre, etc.

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Being Clear English Words

Topic related vocabulary for IELTS speakingExample
What I meanWhat I mean to say is that it is important to hear what both parties have to say before coming to any conclusion.
As I was sayingAs I was saying, the importance of mother nature should be taught to the kids from an early age.
What I want to say isWhat I want to say is that we must look after the kid even if the parents have been arrested.

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Hopefully, this article will help you learn good words that you can use while speaking. By using these words properly you can definitely get a good band score in your IELTS exam.

Do share your tips on learning new words, by commenting in the box below.

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Vocabulary Words for IELTS Speaking: List of Topic Related Vocabulary with Examples (4)

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