Scene: The Bucket List (2022)

hotstuff7289I'd submit to the stallion.中Sep 5, 2022

SoulkittyStallion went into a near-trance at 46:45 and his whole body tightened up. It was quite a spectacle and a terrific scene overall, and I almost stood up in my seat at work and cheered BRAVO when Stallion bust his nut LOL. Blake's hole is probably still sending love letters to Stallion's dick.

Stallion is very entertaining. A sexy, captivating performer and a total savage in the bed! LOVE IT.

Michael, moments like that can't be anticipated or scripted. Sometimes I guess you just gotta get out the way and let the models--and the camera--just do their thing, huh?

Apr 12, 2022

MichaelGallettaMore like Blake's hole sending Stallion hospital bills instead of love letters. 喫

But you're absolutely right. My favorite scenes are the ones like this where very little direction is needed from me and I just try to keep up with the natural, spontaneous action the best that I can.

turner95Blake is the best to ever do itMar 21, 2022

bandit926whew. he gonna be sexy af when he hit 27-30 n fills out a lil more. uh uh uh uhJan 17, 2022

Toofreak86Sooooo...Other than Bandit, King Ant, and Now Stallion are the ones who really gave Blake a run for his money...But Stallion is a verbal Dom top, that's something I haven't seen here since Beno.Jan 9, 2022

bottom4bbdStallion will be in the top 5 models in 6 months if you can supply him with good (Blake Bishop) like pussy! He is already in my top 3 (Apollo, Stallion, Blake Bishop) Love verbal Tops, and bottomsJan 4, 2022

DonnyBrasco7this was a HOTT scene...... they have great on screen chemistry......Jan 2, 2022

juan24So hot on so many levels this vid is. The fuk scenes will go down in BBA history i think. That eye contact when Bishop was on his back almost made ME bust.Dec 16, 2021

Trix101Stallion put it on Blake but I still think Bandit fuck Blake better he even made him cum 2 or 3 times.and for everyone rushing to push Bandit off his throne地re you sure Stallion ready to take all those Dicks like Bandit has 名hen Dominic take Bandit Dick and Blakes Dick hell be on his way so until then keep Wishing GuysDec 5, 2021

MontezBandit's playful response when I told him that some fans are saying Stallion is a threat to his number one spot... "haha, I'm not scared! Wassup?!"

Nothing wrong with instigating a little professional competition. lol

turner95Blake is my baby daddy. Michael we miss the OGs!!! Apollo, Isaiah, DominicDec 3, 2021

BluGod12Rewatching this scene and the chemistry was crazy! I hope whenever Stallion bottoms that Blake gets to be it cause baby deserves it after this!Nov 13, 2021

latrelldwI never had a porn video give me so much life until now! That was everything 樹Oct 31, 2021

PhuryousI don't think he will be able to go back to women only after his BBA experience.Oct 25, 2021

11luvme2u@damon8 I thought the same thing. I'm liking the new additions but I want to see the BBA legends like Saint. Also, Apollo, Dominic, and Isaiah, etc. It really shows the superiority of BBA when you don't mind seeing people who you've been watching for years.Oct 23, 2021

awj1214If he never bottoms I will be just fine. I am never one to be enamored by a top but Stallion is a performer. I love his energy while fucking. He oozes extasy. Great find.Oct 21, 2021

dorienb00122The sexual tension between them in the beginning was through the roof , loved this sceneOct 20, 2021

damon8Where is Saint?
You know what time it is.
Call him up.
Oct 19, 2021


That nigga can fuck me on my back, side, left, right. Against the wall,
up behind some motherphucking bleachers.

In a strangers shed, basement, and their back patio behind the covered-up top of the line Steak-Grill in front of the bomb pit. In my tub,

on my roof, in my car, outside in the yard, and on my mommas new couch from Ashley's Furniture! AND THEN HAVE My BABY DADDY- BISHOP歹 FUCK ME THE EXACT WAY and SLAP ME AROUND FOR GIVING MY COOCHIE UP to his new homeboi STALLION.

Oct 18, 2021

BBA2023I BUSTED!!!............Oct 18, 2021

retrokid562I'm loving the scene. Stallion is a natural and his raw reaction is what makes me love this scene. Love that he tries things, like when he got his ass ate was like a WTF moment but at the same time he loved it and sucking Bishop's dick, that was nice. He'll get better as time goes. This was a hot scene...I'd love for him and Apollo to do a scene together.Oct 17, 2021

spoonerReally enjoyed watching Stallion. What a great find. Would like to see him with Apollo to bring out that passionate side with kissing and hugs and nipple play. Then surprise with a verse scene like Apollo did when he first bottomed. I see Stallion moving up the ladder very fast. Love that dark chocolate.Oct 14, 2021

ACTION7QUESTION: Would Blake be described as a Power Bottom? Who else is a power bottom and what is the mindset to be one? They were enjoying fucking!Oct 14, 2021

djtraphouseThese are my type of guys saint, stallion handsome chocolate guysOct 12, 2021

clarkwbcNow this is an update. Thank u bbaOct 11, 2021

turner95Blake is the hottest model on BBA. fine as hell. Him and Dominic need a match up.Oct 11, 2021

cam6594Where is Scuba???? When will he film a new scene?Oct 11, 2021

ericbbThus far the absolute best video ever from y'all....even the awkwardness was sexy....Stallion masculinity was perfect not contrived or character acting...his control of the situation drives me nuts (no pun intended)...whatever it takes keep himOct 11, 2021

313sexYooo this scene has to be one of the best!! Stallion and Blake did they thing, bandit might lose his crown if stallion keep up these performances. Great job on this one bba, yall hit this pairing out the park!Oct 9, 2021

scrappydoo123Everyone loves Stallion but its not being reflected in his numbers on the model page. Guys dont forget to give him a like on that page.Oct 8, 2021

mocomboWhere to start.....well, with the incredibly handsome, sexy and SMOKING Stallion would be good. The term "Porn Star" started to wane last decade and with every guy with an iPhone and an OnlyFans account now making porn the star label is dead and buried, but Stallion is a star. Handsome, tight, masculine and in control without a hint of bullying, this guy has it all. Just as good was Blake, who has always been one of my favourites but even more so now after this performance which is a case study in masculine sexual versatility. In many ways Blake stole the show. Visually amazing and suspenseful too, this is BBA at it's finest.Oct 8, 2021

mrwhitley1I wasnt aware that the Bandits Clubhouse was over.
I definitely think Bandit shouldve been in this instead of Blake.
However Blake is King of BBA Forreal.
He turned dude out PERFECTLY.
Stallion is 10/10 bba model.
Oct 7, 2021

getdickhoeThe only other thing I want to point out is if Stallion wants to say this is how I fuck bitches or pin up bitches let him say it. That shit is hot. Dont censor him. Stallion, Trapp, and Saint are good at talking the shit when they are fucking dudes down. @Mike. But this was still on point! Oct 7, 2021

shoeman59Thanks,Mike. This is what we're talking about,great scene. As for Stallion sucking dick,was a surprise. Now,its time for him to be broken in!! Others have mentioned,Trapp,Saint,and I totally agree. Please,make it happen,Mike,soonOct 6, 2021

VSWboy18Stallion is THAT Dude!!!! And to think, this is just his 1st scene. He str8 handled Blake! Talked shit too. LOL ... Sorry Bandit, after just 1 scene, this dude is the #1 BBA model and that's that! LolOct 6, 2021

scrappydoo123Stallion fucking JayC would be a good scene. Two masculine chocolate dudes going at it. Fire Oct 6, 2021

kloliver11Yes sir! one of the best scenes with two great people. I already like Blake and now Stallion is on the list. he definitely enjoyed his time with Blake. The chemistry was there and paid no attention to the camera. Definitely want to see Stallion more!Oct 6, 2021

MeatloverThis scene & the one with Saxgotem is 休休. Blake is a badass and the last 2 scenes are proof of that. I love that Sax & Stallion feasted on Blakes beautiful dick and then fucked the hell out of him. Ive been a happy dude the last couple of weeks and I hope this good sex continues to flow this week too!Oct 4, 2021

juan24Generally speaking, too many ppl everywhere think that if a str8 dude fucks around with a gay dude here and there, then he must be gay or bi. I disagree. Remember that this is a capitalist society in which ppl will do ANYTHING for the $, from stealing from the poor, to taking a life. With THAT said, why is it so hard for folks to believe that an unquestionably str8 dude wont do porn for a good payday? Recall that James Baldwin once wrote, in his rarely talked about novel Just Above My Head: a stiff prick has no conscience. Motivated by $ or curiosity or whatever, a stiff prick wanna go to work...on anything willing to accept it. So, get a str8 dudes dick hard, pay him or not, and promise to keep it all a secret, he will fuck you. But what i've noticed over the years watching str8 dudes is that they aint into kissing another dude the way they kiss a female. To ME, thats a giveaway that they str8 asf. I like dudes, deeply kissing them especially. Just the THOUGHT of kissing a FEMALE the way i like kissing a dude, makes my dick go south, deep south. However, if the pay is right, and there is a hotboi around to arouse me before shooting the scene with the female, i could stick it in her and fuck. But THAT aint gonna make me bi sexual! I dont believe in that term anymore. Not just $ but also FEAR of being labeled gay, is enough for dudes to fuck girls. I know fem dudes, for instance, with biological children they had BEFORE "coming out" later in life. Do you think they was with that female out of the same sexual and emotional desire they have for a dude? I dont think so either. Lastly, i say all of this bc, to me, you can tell a str8 dude by how hesitant and reluctant and nonchalantly he "kisses" another dude (lip-touching or tongue tickling ONLY), when all he want to really do is get his dick wet to get that almighty $. I rest my case, lol.Oct 4, 2021

Jamale051994Wow! I am in awe! Stallion, Stallion, Stallion is FINE ASF as I like how expressive he is! The moment when he first entered Blake! Blake is my dude! I love his humorous sexy personality! Great Job潘Oct 4, 2021

Jonaron1The vibe that @Stallion brought to this scene matched every bit with @blakebishop. I really hope that the next match and after are comparable and compatible to this one. We need to start to understand why we love sex and why we watch and listen after this delicious delicacy. Blake is a tru Vers and he has power to bring out the freak nasty in us all. Keep up the good work. Since Ive join I only been disappointed a few time but your team definitely makes the come back. Keep it Tru and keep it ComfortableOct 4, 2021

ericbbStallion is amazing....the new Saint...keep him raw rough trade...I don't want to see him suck dick or get fucked...he is every gay, bi, and woman's dominant without being control and he talks dirty...I would even watch him in a bi scene...y'all need about five more like him..very good videoOct 3, 2021

danirile80I was pessimistic that Stallion would return at all after his stellar debut. Not only was I surprised that Stallion returned, but I was also impressed with his man-on-man debut. For me , Stallion is my favorite type of model at BBA: physically muscular, lean, and oozing testosterone. The attitude that Stallion had may be a little nervous at the beginning, but the curiosity stays, and the Stallion became more engaged and reactive; ultimately, Stallion became turned on and went with the flow. The ultimate visual from this film was Stallion drilling Blake Bishop from the back, muscles tensed, eyes rolled back and lost in the moment. He has all the keys to become a top star at BBA (Like everyone else has commented here) like my personal favorites Apollo, Ross, Dominic, Bandit, Jay-C, Justice, Rico, and Tori.

I hope that we get some more surprises from Stallion, and we get some classics along the way. I also wanted to commend Blake Bishop for guiding the rookies into their BBA man-on-man debuts. He is not afraid to do the heavy lifting until the rookies get comfortable. His performance in the Ross debut is still in my rotation to this day! Keep him around; he is an asset! The Stallion-Blake Bishop film is the best film of the BBA Revival.

Oct 3, 2021

IRSealy161Either Blake turned him out or this nigga got SecretsOct 3, 2021

11luvme2uAm I the only one who's jealous of Blake right now? He's been getting some good D! lol You can tell he was really turned on by Stallion. At times he seemed to be in some pain but he "took the dick" as they say. Now BBA is just showing off now. This scene was incredible. It had chemistry, surprises, excitement... I did not expect Stallion to use those sexy thick chocolate lips like that! This scene had me glued to the screen. It was like nothing else was happening around me. Stallion's body is amazing. I can definitely see him bottoming. For sure. He definitely should be paired with the likes of Trapp, Apollo, and/or Dominic. Porn Perfection!Oct 3, 2021

dalaperal62FIRE!!!! BEST SCENE since before the pandemic! Stallion is a keeper. Would love to see a matchup with Shameeks. Double-chocolate! Please!!!Oct 3, 2021

DualexWow! That was amazing. I loved each and every minute of it. Stallion is mesmerising, stunning, and funny. He was so in shock and that was hilarious. Never been a Blake fan but man what a gorgeous bloke he's become. His eyes are amazing, I was so jealous of him. At one point I was like: 'is he not supposed to be the teacher?'. But Stallion did not disappoint. I felt like he wanted to go for the kiss but I don't think Blake is into kisses. I really like Stallion. Ross, Apollo and Shameeks are a great match. Well done BBA. Way to go! Loved it.Oct 3, 2021

tha1cap1Good deal. I know a dawg when I see itOct 3, 2021

KNG5TNFNMmmn,mmn,mmmmn,mmmn,mmn! Hey Michael "dats ah spicy meatahball" !! (Italian accent) wheww can't wait for the revenge version of this and the previous scene it's gon be da Oct 2, 2021

dp1992NOW this is why I'm here mike.Oct 2, 2021


loliguessTime for Bandit to step it up and start talking more in his scenes or it looks like his place will soon be taken! 不Oct 2, 2021

ef8432I was skeptical because I was not impressed with Stallions solo but Chile . Blake made him unleash that freak inside of him. Id love to see how Blake will interact with the jail birds (Trapp, Shaun, Scotty)Oct 2, 2021

jerome9Please a verse scene with stallion and apollo.Oct 2, 2021

FreakTeachAmazing scene! Stallion is def a keeper!Oct 2, 2021

islandboy44would love to see stallion with shameeksOct 2, 2021

N2muscleguyz69All I can say is OMFG!!!Oct 2, 2021

izaitei NEVER comment but this right here. that was fhya. The interactions were genuine and you could tell Stallion didn't expect Blake's ass to feel as good as it did. And that S curve in his dick is lovely. Keep him on the team. He's a chocolate god. i'd like to see him fuck Ross, Bandit or Kingston.Oct 2, 2021

kblowe13More Stallion, that's all!Oct 1, 2021

champ53Stallion fucked the hell out of Blake. This was the best fuck I think Blake has received on BBA. Stallion enjoyed this I think. He stayed hard too! This is the best scene I have seen so far this year. Hope to see Stallion again real soon; maybe a 3some or group scene. Keep up the good work folks!Oct 1, 2021

ADDickted2AssWow where do I even start! This scene reminded me of the very reason why I became a member of BBA in the first place. Stallion is a Chocolate God!!! I really love how Stallion is not forcing a fake persona of masculinity he just naturally is. Hes also comfortable enough in his manhood to where he keeps it real about his experience with a guy. Did yall see how wet Stallion mouth got while he was sucking that dick. Stallion spit was just oozing out onto Blakes dick, to his balls and all the way down his ass. The dick sucking from both Stallion and Blake alone had my dick on brick! Stallion is definitely going to be a top tier LEGEND in BBA if he sticks around and I can guarantee it wont take long. His ass is just as great as his dick. Blessed on both sides of the spectrum. I would love to see him get fucked with that nice ass of his arched while his big dick is swinging.Oct 1, 2021

tyscoreGREAT SCENE!!! Now this is the BBA I originally signed up for! Ive watched it 5x already and bussed several...Stallion bout to be the new star of BBA!!! Blake Bishop great job turning up the heat and turning him out!!!Oct 1, 2021

CrazyNutt409Perfect first matchup for Stallion. Next...Dominic. Would be nice too if they got into some hot kissing. Stallion is a great find!!!Oct 1, 2021

jrummii swear theres always that one person thats never satisfied lololOct 1, 2021

cam6594Stallion should bottom for Saint!Oct 1, 2021

ACTION7Stallion and Dominic bottoming on the bucket list.Oct 1, 2021

jmelloGreat scene. I would love to see Stallion fuck Shameeks.Oct 1, 2021

emiliano69The scene was hot af. Blake took that dick. Stallion has a nice stroke with all that dick too. I definitely want to see him in a natural habitat scene with Bandit, preferably a bi scene. If Stallion ever gets to the point of wanting to try some dick, Trapp would be great for a verse scene...but I know that's not a starter dick lol. I could see him fucking the hell out of Shameeks, that would be fun, I think him and Shazeer would have a cool vibe too...on some more sensual shit, but Shazeer probably cant take that...most of the boys probably can't take all that dick. Blake was definitely the best to start him off with.Oct 1, 2021

princegwaNow This is BBA I really enjoyed this one. It took all I had to not start stroking when Stallion started [edited by MG lol]. The only thing that would make this better is a MFM threesome with these two.Oct 1, 2021

scrappydoo123@demereowoodward. Agree would love to see Stallion with Shameeks. That would be some good fucking.Oct 1, 2021

Readyruk1Talk about HOT BOY SUMMER!!Oct 1, 2021


HeyNwkat160It was ok. The lighting was off. There was no passion between them. I like kissing and hugging, some nipple sucking, the ass eating was short. Stallion is very handsome, his lips, toned muscular body is nice. I would of kissed Stallion down and explored every inch of his body especially that ass and made the scene more interesting instead of there to get a check... I think Apollo or Lil Tyga would of been a better partner.Oct 1, 2021

femvers5All that chocolate. He can have this bootyOct 1, 2021

721718mgmOMG.. This might have been on Stallion's bucket list, but it has been on my list to see this. I had to make me a nice drink before I got started watching it. Thank you, Michael and Montez (in advance). After I endured the "Bandit Beach House", I feel like you are doing these last 2 scenes just for me. :)Oct 1, 2021

cocopop@hcch28, We did good getting to see him [edited by MG lol], which Mike paid handsomely for. Brother, the man is straight, doing his first gay for pay film, you expected him to kiss? Hell Ross still doesn't kiss, I doubt if Apollo or Dominic kissed their early scenes. I love the passion and kissing as well, but wasn't expecting it from this guy.Sep 30, 2021

charlieboyySTALLION is top notch !!! Definitely a keeper! From his dark brown skin , to his teeth lips , body , dick .. to the way he fuck. How dominant he is but gentle at the same time .. it was literally no acting for him I loved everything about it色 EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING!!Sep 30, 2021

maui1oneI came back just for this update and wasn't disappointed. The old BBA is back. Hot.Sep 30, 2021

hchc28Maybe it's because I'm older than most of your viewers is y I see things differently still not that great of a scene for me again absolutely no passion for me nothing turns me off more when there is no kissing and no real foreplay except on Blake end that's just me because I'm give you everything but you better know if I give it I want it so for me it was just alrightSep 30, 2021

MontezI can see your point when it comes to the beginning of the scene. But Stallion definitely gets more and more into it as the scene goes on. Luckily this is just his first action scene, so that leaves something to hopefully look forward to in the future, should he return. Time will tell.

maybelaterNow this is what BBA is about! Damn, damn, damn this was fire ! Two back to back good fucking, good sucking, good ass eating scenes! Mike you came back blazing like a muthafucker! Great job man..Sep 30, 2021

demereowoodwardI would LOVE to see Stallion paired with Shameeks.Sep 30, 2021

2Sexy4WordsNow this is fucking BBA in its finest!!!!!! No more need to be said other than Blake WTFSep 30, 2021

BellyboybluesYes! Yes! Yes! Yes! My favorite scene so far since the re-launch. This is definitely my kinda scene.Sep 30, 2021

KDewayne98Both of them together休休休休 needs a part 2 soonSep 30, 2021

juan24Stallion the new BBA King. Dude look real, REAL good, got a TIGHT physique, has nice fat ATHLETIC ass, big dick, and he look sexy asf fuck when he fuckin'. Bandit, Apollo, Dominic, Blake, Ross...all are now Princes (in the kingdom of the Stallion). Last thing, if i could i would become a BBA model just so i could naked WRESTLE Stallion, nothing rough, just gently tying each other up like a pretzel, then both of us, after an hour, bust all over each other. Non-penetration sex is my thing, and im sure Stallion wouldnt mind. I mean, i hope the brother wouldnt mind. It can be another bucket list addition. Anyway, BBA now, and forever.Sep 30, 2021

Playwithme11great scene especially the part when Stallion [edited by MG lol]. I don't think anyone expected that but it was worth rewatching a couple of times. I also loved the close up of his ass can't wait to see him get fucked. The Bucket List 2. LOLSep 30, 2021

texasbuggi have busted 6 nutts to this scene this is some good fucking mike a star is born overnight blake i hate u geting that good dick back to back u took that dick like a pro i don't hate u blake u lucky as fuck whoever stallion fuck next he will be ready mike he got to do another fuck scene he is a bull for real i love when he was geting ready to nutt u could see it in his face nothing fake about him busting a nutt who is next?Sep 30, 2021

davidsThis is the number one scene since the big return. I want to nominate Blake Bishop for an Oscar. He took that big dick like a champ. It was clear he was ready for Stallion. These two models are hot, and I love their energy. I would have been speechless if the scene had been verse. I can't wait to see who top Stallion.Sep 30, 2021

Empire2021Best ever. Excellent!!! I am icu from watching this!! Please bring stallion back ASAP and put him with shameeks, trapp and jakeSep 30, 2021

dontb2good33Yo this scene was EVERYTHING!!! Stallion is sexy asf and the way he handled Blake Bishop was so hot. Love love love it!Sep 30, 2021

swamp96Whew shit. Stallion is everything. I wanna see him as a top forever.Sep 30, 2021

pchsof2010This scene got me hot afSep 30, 2021

texasbuggi hope stallion do a scene with bandit r trapp i love when he nut that a real nutt. more with stallion fucking his fucking is so real.Sep 30, 2021

maxkev1Man她h妃an!!! This was classic BBA 101. Interview. Meet. Smash. Reflect. (IMSR). Glad to see reality-porn at its best back at BBA! Respectfully, Mike,If it aint broke, dont fix it. 11 out of 10 for me.Sep 30, 2021

texasbuggdamm this remind me of a young thug i had it was his first time he kept saying damm this feel good stallion was loving that feelin this was a great scene job well done.Sep 30, 2021

royce905THAT is an update :-)Sep 30, 2021

h1lda74Okay, Stallion definitely is a keeper! I'm glad we didn't have to wait forever and a day for him to fuck someone. Glad his first time wasn't traumatic. And Blake Bishop did well taking every inch Stallion had to offer! Great scene guys!!!Sep 30, 2021

scrappydoo123Stallion lived up to his name but i believe he has been to this rodeo before. Great job Michael.Sep 30, 2021

jrummiwow wow wowwwwww! i was not expecting him to progress this fast! but damn! that part where he aggressively grabbed blakes hair and made him take the dick was definitely my favorite part of this lit ass scene! i only wish they had kissed at least once! but im in love with stallion already!Sep 30, 2021

DocteurThis was pretty good. Hopefully next time Stallion will kiss and get fucked and suck nipples. Would love to see him paired with Bandit, Stylez, Scuba, Apollo, Trapp and Isaiah. BTW Blake Bishop is a great cock sucker and bottom.Sep 30, 2021

getdickhoeStallion is A1 (Face, Body, Swag) Have him dick down Kingstons arrogant ass and Ross too. Im glad you finally listened to the viewers and went back to basics. Instead of using them Soft Ass Shax Shoots #GoodJobMikeSep 30, 2021

Shawndaley25"That's not what I said, I said put it back where it's supposed to go!" - StallionSep 30, 2021

ashanti91I don't comment at all on these videos and i've been here since 2018 but its safe to say STALLION has taken the number one spot on BBA his EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING this is why i signed up to BBA finally a model worth my money, don't get me wrong BBA has some good top stars but STALLION takes the crown. The amount of times BLAKE looked at the camera like WTF is happening was such a turn on best scene on this site!Sep 30, 2021

MontezBandit may have something to say about that lol. Maybe I should make sure he sees your comment. lol

SilkySlim1986This was hot, passionate and one of the best scenes to date. Stallion is already a star. Blake was the perfect choice for his full-on sex debut.Sep 30, 2021

chucke1NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT SCENE AND THANK YOU!Sep 30, 2021

DuchessI Havent Even viewed this update as of yet and I already banged the like button and also my Fav dont @ me it just oozes sex appeal in the thumb Nail haha . Mike it Looks like you should have came back with this scene 1st from hiatusSep 30, 2021

zebrasex4567Honestly Michael I feel bad for you, because I cant see a way for you guys to top this scene. I can give a list of things on why this scene is perfect from the models, to the chemistry, to the format. Im just in awe at how amazing this scene is. Youd be doing this site and the world a displeasure if Stallion doesnt become a regular on the site.Sep 30, 2021

MontezWe've never been the type to back down from a challenge. And this is certainly a challenge lol. But not unlike ones we have faced before (Coming For His Crown, comes to mind).

KvngGemini89AMAZING PAIR!!! The chemistry was off the charts!! These two were so passionate and verbal from start to finish.Sep 29, 2021

mcchazStallion looked great [edited by MG lol]. Nice.Sep 29, 2021

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