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Your Mind

There is nothing. Only warm, primordial blackness. Your conscience ferments in it — no larger than a single grain of malt. You don't have to do anything anymore. Ever. Never ever.

An inordinate amount of time passes. It is utterly void of struggle. No ex-wives are contained within it

[...] The song of death is sweet and endless... But what is this? Somewhere in the sore, bloated *man-meat* around you — a sensation!

[...] The limbed and headed machine of pain and undignified suffering is firing up again. It wants to walk the desert. Hurting. Longing. Dancing to disco music.

Ancient Reptilian Brain

You: Tell me, what's waiting for me?
Limbic System: There is a giant ball there. And evil apes. And the evil apes are dukin' it out on the ball. You're one of them. It's basically all just evil apes dukin' it out on a giant ball.
You: How big is the ball?
Limbic System: You can't even make out that it's a ball, when you're dukin' it out. It's that large.
You: How small are the apes?
Limbic System: Infinitesimally small.
You: And what is this "dukin' it out" I keep hearing about?
Limbic System: Vying for resources? It's just a stupid expression you picked up somewhere. The part of the presentation you want to take home is this: you have to beat the other evil apes in the face or you lose.
You: That's sad.
Limbic System: Yes it is. And you drowned in that sadness a long time ago.
You: What do mean, "drowned"?
Limbic System: You lost.

You:Will I be a... ghost now?
Ancient Reptilian Brain: Brother, you already *were* a ghost. Up there, screaming — along with all of them. Scaring each other. Haunting each other.It's the living who are ghosts. The dead are silent. They don't rattle windows or write letters in blood. The living do. Leave them behind. Rest.

That we continue to persist at all is a testament to our faith in one another.


We don’t have anything to talk about anymore. Every combination of words has been played out. The atoms don’t form us anymore: us, our love, our unborn daughters…

the ex-something

This is real darkness. It's not death, or war, or child molestation. Real darkness has love for a face. The first death is in the heart, Harry.

the ex-something

You: I swore I wouldn't let you go. You *told* me — you asked me to be this way.
Dolores Dei: That was someone else. I betrayed her, overwrote her, and am happier for it.

No, Harry. You were just talking to yourself. That's all you ever do. Even in your dreams. And the act is wearing thin, the spots of the disco ball fade around you...

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Bloated Corpse of a Drunk

Horrific Necktie: *Bratan*, now is the time!
You: Go away, necktie. You're just a figment of my imagination.
Horrific Necktie: *Bratan*, don't push me away. I want to be there for you. Also — how can you be sure *you* are not just a figment of *my* imagination?
You: Get lost, necktie! I don't want you be your friend.
Horrific Necktie: But, *bratan*... I... I understand. (the tie loosens around your neck) I just wanted you to have fun. I... I never meant to be a burden.
You: Necktie... I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that.
Horrific Necktie: No, *bratan*, no need for that. You and I are *bratannoi* — brothers. Brothers fight. But when they're done fighting, you know what they do? They party. They fucking party!

Beautiful Necktie: I only ever wanted you to have fun, Harry!
You: Wait!!! I didn't even know your name!
Beautiful Necktie: My name, should you know it, is Joopson AS Men's Fashion, model "Colourful Tie." Catalogue no. J327.
You: I know so little about you. How did we meet?
Beautiful Necktie: One day a sad man walked into a clothing store. He looked really down. Like he hadn't had fun in years. He needed someone to show him how to rock and roll again. Joopson AS catalogue no. J327 shone on the tie rack, trying to get his attention. The sad man picked it up and put it on. He looked at himself in the mirror. Didn't smile.
You: Nothing will ever heal me, but at least I'll have a funny tie.
Beautiful Necktie: And from that moment on — we rode together. The rest of your clothes were still *normal* back then. But we took care of that soon enough.
You: Did we... have any fun?
Beautiful Necktie: Truthfully? Not a lot. I did everything a multi-patterned necktie can do to help a man. I mean, I tried to get you to do *all* the fun things: Drink beer, drink wine, drink cider, go to parties with young people around *and* drink beer and cider; do drugs too, so you don't fall asleep... You had *some* fun. But not enough to heal you.
You: What is wrong with me?
Beautiful Necktie: Your heart is broken, *bratushka*. And it cannot be mended. Believe me, I've tried.
You: Am I going to stay like this forever?
Beautiful Necktie: No. You're going to be mowed down by gunfire from the two remaining mercs, so no. Not forever.
You: Who broke my heart?
Beautiful Necktie: You both did, *bratan* — deep down, you know it was the both of you.

Your Skills

This is a man with a lot of past, but little present. And almost no future.

Inland Empire

You: What's a "contact microphone"?
Acele: A contact mic records sounds from inside things. Like this ice.
Encyclopedia: Your mangled brain would like you to know that there is a boxer called Contact Mike.
You: Yeah? Any news on my wife's name? How about my mother?
Encyclopedia: Nope. You're welcome.

Inland Empire: What if *you* only appear as a large singular body, but are actually a congregation of tiny organisms working in unison?
Physical Instrument: Get out of here, dreamer! Don't you think we'd know about it?
Volition: If it were true those organisms would *not* be working *in unison*.
Endurance: That's because some of them just don't have the best interests of the colony in mind.
Electrochemistry: Hey, maybe if the rest of you took a chill-pill every now and then, they'd be more motivated?
Perception: Shut up, we can't hear what he's saying!

You: (smell the ledger)
Damaged Ledger: The acidic stench of rotting food has rubbed off on the cellulose. It now forms the *base* of the experience. This base surrounded by a faint air of spoiled meat — the stuff of death itself! — and then sprinkled liberally with the citrus zest of toilet cleaner.
Perception: You know — like the bits they put into public piss bowls; probably called *Fermi-Discrete* or *Axel* or something. At some point in its journey the ledger has seen the inside of a public toilet.
You: I know, I know. Sylvie already told me I dunked it in the toilet.
Perception: If you knew it was dunked in the toilet before getting chucked into the trash, why're you sniffing it?
You: Maybe, uh— Maybe it's my fetish? Maybe? Ever think of that, nose?
Perception: Garbage-toilet stink is not your fetish and you know it. Your nose does *not* fucking like this.
You: Are you angry with me, nose?
Perception: Yeah, turns out your nose doesn't like self-indulgent literal-shit huffing. *Quelle fuckin' surprise*. Come on, no more — the ledger is going back down, away from your nose now.

Rhetoric: Hey, psst.
You: Who — me?
Rhetoric: Yes, you. Word on the street is you're ready to start building *communism* again!
You: "Again"?
Rhetoric: Yes — you're ready to start building communism *again*. You've built it before, *they've* built it before. Hasn't really worked out yet, but neither has *love* — should we just stop building love, too?
You: Can't argue with that.
Rhetoric: So, what about all that communism you've promised to build? Word on the street is you've woken up from a thousand years of slumber, promising to erect a version of communism many times greater than any attempted before. Is that true?
You: How come there's *word on the street*?
Rhetoric: You keep saying things like *down with the bourgeoisie*, *eat the rich*, *sodomize the land-owners*, *impale all people who have more than 25 reál in their pocket*, *literally murder all human beings regardless of their political beliefs* — that kind of stuff.
You: Oh, right. That sounds like me.
Rhetoric: Funky-style. Very funky. So tell me. Do you have any questions before we fire up the Big Communism Builder, or do we get right down to it?
You: Wait, first — what's this *communism* even about?
Rhetoric: Failure. It's about failure.
You: Failure?
Rhetoric: Yes! Abject failure. Total, irreversible defeat on all fronts! Absolutely vanquished, beaten, curb-stomped and pissed on — until *you* came along! *You* will reverse the fortune of the workers of the world. You alone, against every living thing, against every human alive: eight hundred trillion reál in the hands of an *impossibly* well organized ruling class; towering city blocks of bank-men who have the ears of prime ministers; million-headed armies of nations and the love of your own mother! You — against the atom, the charm and the spin. Where the whole world failed — matter failed to bend to human will; human will failed to get out of bed and tie its laces — you alone, single-handedly, will rebuild the dreams of the working class. You are The Last Communist. Now get to work, comrade.
You: It's too tiring. I don't have it in me. I'm beat down and broken.
Rhetoric: Very well. I guess no one will build Communism then. Tell the working man it's over. Unless anyone has... objections?
Logic: No objections. It's mathematically impossible to achieve a classless society. Everyone knows this.
Savoir Faire: Let not failure ensnare you any further, beautiful pixie girl! Be an acrobat! A prancing faerie queen!
Electrochemistry: Did someone mention cocaine? Are we doing cocaine? No? I'm sure I heard someone say Cocainimism...
Rhetoric: Anyone? Anyone else? There's no one?
Volition: There's one.
You: What should I do?
Volition: You should build Communism — precisely *because* it's impossible.
You: (Roll up your sleeves and start building Communism.)
Rhetoric: Oh yeah! Get the firing squads and the animal wagons ready!
You: Wait, what? Firing squads? You didn't say anything about those.
Rhetoric: Too late to back out now. You can't make an omelet without breaking a few million eggs!

Rhetoric: Rise and shine, comrade. It's time to get to work.
You: What's going on?
Rhetoric: Despite all the thinking you've been doing, only 0.0001% of communism has been built. It's too great a task to undertake alone. You're going to have to *get organised*.
Endurance: Uh oh. Organisation hasn't exactly been your strong suit, historically speaking...
You: Does this mean I need to clean up my hostel room?
Rhetoric: Your level of personal upkeep is irrelevant. All that matters is your commitment to *building the World Republic*. You must seek out your revolutionary brothers and sisters. Find out how much communism they've built. Then, together, maybe you'll be able to build as much as 0.0002% of communism. But it won't be *easy*. Decades of persecution by Coalition authorities have driven the remaining communists of Martinaise *underground*.
Inland Empire: They live underground? These communists aren't men, they're *mole people*!
You: I don't know if I want to go searching for mole people.
Rhetoric: They're not "mole people", they're your comrades in the *eternal class struggle*. It's your task to find and join them.
You: Will they help me fire up Mazov's Socialist Sausage Grinder?
Rhetoric: Just between us, you may want to lay off this "grind up the bourgeoisie" stuff. It's a bit off-putting, even to fellow communists.
You: How am I supposed to find them if they're hiding?
Rhetoric: Let your *nose* guide you, detective.
You: You must mean my *knows*, as in my huge and highly functioning brain.
Rhetoric: No, we meant your nose, as in that swollen muck-detector in the centre of your face. It just happens to be *perfectly* calibrated for sensing communists.
Perception: We really have no idea what they're talking about. There's no linkage between ideology and olfaction.

You: Hang on, what will I do once I establish contact with my fellow communists?
Rhetoric: You'll discuss the monumental world-historical task that lies before you. You'll engage in rigorous and spirited debates about Mazovian theory and practice. But mostly you'll probably complain about other communists.
You: Isn't that last part kind of counterproductive?
Rhetoric: Not at all. Complaining about other communists is one of the most important parts of being a communist.

Electrochemistry Look at her thighs, *between* her thighs and... What are you waiting for, man?! PARTY WITH MISS PAGE-THREE ALL THE WAY TO DISCO ZERO!
You: Yeah, I want to get into the groovy. Let's disco, baby. (start unzipping)
Inland Empire: ...Is what you're thinking. But you don't want to disco like this. Not really. Not in the deepest part of your soul, where the freckles only make you sad.
Electrochemistry Come on, what are you talking about — sad freckles? Freckles are fun!
You: Why do I hurt all of a sudden?
Inland Empire: The furnace has long been cold, despite itself. You're too sad to jerk off. This is not the first time it has happened either.

The funk soul brother at the back of his head has gone dark. Forever.


No. This is somewhere to be. This is all you have, but it's still something. Streets and sodium lights. The sky, the world. You're still alive.


There is a radio in the distance. A radio of the world. Playing sounds: Good morning, Elysium. Soon you will return to the world.


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Empathy: The tiny apes are doing all they can to be better. It's not their fault.
Rhetoric: It takes time for the apes to change. And work. Perhaps, what happened here was part of that time — and that work.
Half-Light: The apes will never change, they are all evil. End of discussion.

Half-Light: Tremble. THE TIME IS NOW. τὰ ὅλα.
You: What time?
Half-Light: Time for THE SHOW. For τὰ ὅλα. The hallowed time of fear and disintegration. A countdown has begun. All will collapse on itself. The world will disappear into a single grain of blackness. All sound will be muted. All life will scream.
You: Wait, wait — when did this *countdown* begin?
Half-Light: Monday morning. The moment you arrived in this reality. You are the first crack in the sheer face of god. From you it will spread.
You: τὰ ὅλα? What's that?
Half-Light: τοῦ λόγου δ’ ἐόντος ξυνοῦ ζώουσιν οἱ πολλοὶ ὡς ἰδίαν ἔχοντες φρόνησιν.
You: This is because of the insane world-ending I've been saying isn't it?
Half-Light: Yes. You spoke the words of the παλίντροπος, and the houses of Perikarnassis. Items, people, even WORDS will tumble, all will lose its meaning in the coming years. That is why you marked yourself.
You: I'm... a little afraid
Half-Light: So you should be. The world island crumbles at your feet and in the far plain — παλίντροπος.
Volition: Perhaps — just a thought — this has something to do with the hangover?
You: Am I sure it's not just a joke, or some kind of coping mechanism?
Half-Light: It's *totally* also a coping mechanism.

Half-Light: Damn, that felt *good*. Your heart is pounding nicely. You should tell people to fuck off more often.
You: Fuck yeah, motherfuckers!
Half-Light: That's the spirit! Never forget: The whole world's a wooden house and you're a goddamn flamethrower.

You: What is this strange feeling I keep having? This cold... even now?
You: What do you mean, you are the city?
You: How are you talking to me?
Rhetoric: All this eloquence — it's in service of something. She's afraid.
You: What are you afraid of?
You: But... what can I do about it?

You: Would I fit into the art world? I mean...
Conceptualization: Have you looked in the mirror lately? You have the exact features of a savage art critic, with that beard and those clothes! Disheveled and *prophetic*. Perhaps you should try to critique architecture too.
You: Hold on, is architecture also art?
Conceptualization: Of course not, it's autism. Box-drawing. Masturbation with a ruler and a sextant or whatever they use. You should demean and critize the genteel institution of architecture. While extolling the virtues of the *pure* arts.

Subdue the regret. Dust yourself off, proceed. You'll get it in the next life, where you don't make mistakes. Do what you can with this one, while you're alive.


Drama: This may have been a *grave* mistake, sire.
Volition: Maybe. Maybe not. Mercy is rarely a *complete* mistake.

Volition: In honour of your will, lieutenant-yefreitor. That you kept from falling apart, in the face of sheer terror. Day after day. Second by second.
Inland Empire: DETECTIVE
Esprit-De-Corps: ARRIVING
Authority: ON THE SCENE

Volition: You can do it. It's nothing. Do it for the city. Go.
Shivers: Do it for the wind.
Logic: Do it for the picture puzzle. Put it all together. Solve the world. One conversation at a time.


"Detective, each of us has our part to play in the world. My part is to solve crimes. I am under no illusion that my role isn't a minor one, in the scheme of things... but I embrace it *because* it's my role, and it's yours too, detective, whether you accept it or not!"

Lieutenant Kim Kitsuragi

"It's quite easy: every hundred years or so our species gets together to decide what's next: who gets shot in the head and who gets the mineral rights — it's a real *kerfuffle*."

Joyce Messier

Joyce Messier: This world is enough.
Conceptualization: It *must* be. This is the greatest and kindest arrangement the atoms had in them.


You: What is Oranjese literature about?
Klaasje: Fear of failure, fear of death. How it *sucks* to be Oranjese. All national literatures are — only the name of the nation changes.

"Men without ideals are only animals."

The Deserter

"You are a violent and irrepressible miracle. The vacuum of cosmos and the stars burning in it are afraid of you. Given enough time you would wipe us all out and replace us with nothing — just by accident."

The Insulindian Phasmid

Rhetoric: The question you mean to ask is both very complicated and incredibly simple...
Endurance: Take a deep breath. Best to go one piece at a time.
You: If communism keeps failing every time we try it...
Steban: (he waits patiently for you to finish)
You: ...And the rest of the world keep killing us for our beliefs...
Steban: Yes?
Volition: Say it.
You: ...What's the point?
Steban: (he considers your words for a minute)
Composure: You're witnessing his ironic armour melt before you. This is his *true self* you're seeing now.
Empathy: He's thinking about someone...
You: Wait, who is he thinking about?
Empathy: Hard to say. Someone dear to him.
Visual Calculus: Track his gaze. He's looking out past the broken wall, toward the opposite side of the Bay...
You: Toward the skyscrapers of La Delta.
Visual Calculus: They rise like electric obelisks in the night.
Steban: The theorists Puncher and Wattmann — not infra-materialists, but theorists nonetheless — say that communism is a secular version of Perikarnassian theology, that it replaces faith in the divine with faith in humanity's future... I have to say, I've never *entirely* understood what they mean, but I think maybe the answer is in there, somewhere.
You: Wait, you're saying communism is some kind of religion?
Steban: Only in this very specific sense. Communism doesn't dangle any promises of eternal bliss or reward. The only promise it offers is that the future can be better than the past, if we're willing to work and fight and die for it.
You: But what if humanity keeps letting us down?
Steban: Nobody said fulfilling the proletariat's historic role would be easy. (he smiles a tight smile) It demands great faith with no promise of tangible reward. But that doesn't mean we can simply give up.
You: Even when they ignore us?
Steban: Even then.
Ulixes: Mazov says it's the arrogance of capital that will be its ultimate undoing. It does not believe it can fail, which is why it must fail.
Volition: So young. So *unbearably* young...
Half Light: Why do you see the two of them with their backs against a bullet-pocked wall, all of a sudden?
Inland Empire: Their faces, blurred yet frozen as though in ambrotype. You were never *that young*, were you?
Steban: I guess you could say we believe it *because it's impossible*. (he looks at the scattered matchboxes on the ground) It's our way of saying we refuse to accept that the world has to remain... like this...

"In the dark times, should the stars also go out?"

Steban, The Student Communist

You: What is evil?
Scab Leader: It's just... nature. This guy, [points at the picture of the Hanged Man] he used to say evil is when nature and spirit meet in the wrong place.

"There *needs* to be a club for anodic music in there. NEEDS TO! Everyone hates each other. Everybody hates it here, it's all just drugs and we're slaves and I *can't*... we are running out of time! We need a win, Andre. I promise this will be a win! We won't cook speed in there, we'll do it clean, we'll do it true! We'll do it sober and *real* and beautiful. This will be a victory for the light!"

Egg Head

"Who are we to say? We're only a second signaller, not a metaphysician. This is the only reality we have ever known, so how can we judge how reasonable it might be compared to any other? The key, we believe, is to be open to meaning even amidst great uncertainty. But now we are only speaking for ourselves."

Coalition Warship Archer

"Here is the secret: there is no love in the past. Only the present. The past is made of static images, distorted memories, demented nostalgia. This, the present — with all its possibilities, innumerable hits and misses — is far superior. It is a *living* organism."

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"Still, there's something inherently violent even about dice rolls. It's like every time you cast a die, something disappears. Some alternative ending, or an entirely different world..."

Novelty Dicemaker

Thought Cabinet

Problem: People think Communism was some crazy idea that had its comeuppance 40 years ago. A fever that shook the world, never to return again. They were right. Until *he* woke up today – a spiritual corpse responsive only to the call of Commodore Red, prostitutes, and Kras Mazov. For him, Communism is still a *thing*. He will single-handedly raise the Commune of '02 from the oceanic trench where it has been resting, covered in ghosts and seaweed! He is the Big Communism Builder. Come, witness his attempt to rebuild Communism in the year '51!
Solution: 0.000% of Communism has been built. Evil child-murdering billionaires still rule the world with a shit-eating grin. All he has managed to do is make himself *sad*. He is starting to suspect Kras Mazov *fucked him over* personally with his socio-economic theory. It has, however, made him into a very, very smart boy with something like a university degree in Truth. Instead of building Communism, he now builds a precise model of this grotesque, duplicitous world.

Mazovian Socio-Economics

Problem: Heartache is powerful, but democracy is *subtle*. Incrementally, you begin to notice a change in the weather. When it snows, the flakes are softer when they stick to your worry-worn forehead. When it rains, the rain is warmer. Democracy is coming to the Administrative Region. The ideals of Dolorian humanism are reinstating themselves. How can they not? These are the ideals of the Coalition and the Moralist International. Those guys are signal blue. And they're not only good — they're also powerful. What will it be like, once their nuanced plans have been realized?
Solution: The Kingdom of Conscience will be exactly as it is now. Moralists don't really *have* beliefs. Sometimes they stumble on one, like on a child's toy left on the carpet. The toy must be put away immediately. And the child reprimanded. Centrism isn't change — not even incremental change. It is *control*. Over yourself and the world. Exercise it. Look up at the sky, at the dark shapes of Coalition airships hanging there. Ask yourself: is there something sinister in moralism? And then answer: no. God is in his heaven. Everything is normal on Earth.

Kingdom of Conscience

Problem: It has been brought to your attention that you're an alcoholic. And that it's a sickness. And it's killing you. You're crawling on your knees through life, your booze-filled belly dragging on the ground, your brain now fuzzy, now in overdrive, your hair sticking together with today's cold sweat and yesterday's vomit. Perhaps they’re right. Anything is better than this. Even bone-dry reality itself. Maybe you can quit?
Solution: Congrats — you're sober. It will take a while for your body to remember how to metabolize anything that isn't sugar from alcohol, so you're going to be pretty ravenous soon. Eat plenty. You can expect your coordination and balance to improve in a couple of weeks. In two months, you might start sleeping like a normal person. Full recovery will take years, though. It'll be depressing. And it'll be boring. Don't expect any further rewards or handclaps. This is how normal people are all the time.

Waste Land of Reality

Problem: Okay, so it looks like you've got a bit of the Normal in you. A touch of the Regular. Four grams of Johnny Normalcop. Who would've thunk it? You, the extremest of all the cops! You said some pretty boring things back there and now you have two choices: you can either leave it behind and forget about it, or you can try to utilize your normalcy. Internalize it. Get a touch of vanilla back into the herring-flavoured egg and liquorice ice cream of your mind.
Solution: You've done it, Harry! Whatever else you are, you're also *boring* now. It was *not* easy. You've spent most of your life trying to funk up every nook and cranny of your personality. When someone says something political, the first three thoughts in your head are a ludicrous hodgepodge of communism, fascism and stock tips. When they ask you why you did something, it's superstardom, apocalypse, or the *mea culpas* of a flagellant cop monk. It's not easy, reaching for the fourth option — the normal one. But you have. And now you're not *just* crazy, you're also *boring*.

Regular Law Official

Problem: You're one sorry piece of shit. A cop penitent, a flagellant cop-monk. This is not the right line of work for you. You should be grovelling at the feet of a feudal lord, providing lurid evidence against yourself at a Mazovian show trial, or ripping the flesh from your back with a cat-of-nine-tails. Whatever made you this way — you can be damn sure it was *your* own fault. Do it. *Really* criticize yourself. Who knows? You might uncover something of importance from your guilt-ridden past!
Solution: Here it is. Hard facts from the man you are. You once jerked off in the locker room and were caught. You held a young woman by the arm and kept her in your apartment for 20 minutes against her will. That's right, these are not flights of fancy. These are *real deeds*, Harry, emerging from the darkness of your past. You tried shooting a fleeing suspect in the foot but hit him in the pelvis, crippling him for life. And above all, you let life defeat you. All the gifts your parents gave you, all the love and patience of your friends, you drowned in a neurotoxin. You let misery win. And it will keep on winning till you die — or overcome it.

Rigorous Self-Critique

Mankind, be vigilant; we loved you.

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What does Cindy the skulls graffiti say? ›

Cindy's graffiti: After the shootout near the Whirling-in-Rags, Cindy the Skull finally finds the words for her masterpiece — graffiti on the ground, letters each as tall as you are, written in a mixture of heavy fuel and blood, some of it your blood: UN JOUR JE SERAI DE RETOUR PRÈS DE TOInote.

Who is the main antagonist in Disco Elysium? ›

Harrier Du Bois | Disco Elysium Wiki | Fandom.

Is Kim Kitsuragi the killer? ›

An Agatha Christie style plot of red herrings and clever clues, where it turned out the real murderer was Kim Kitsuragi, who isn't actually Kim, but is Lord Jones the Third - he killed Kim shortly before the game began - would be stupid. What, did you want it to be the butler?

Will there be a Disco Elysium 2? ›

There's no official release date for Disco Elysium 2, but we hypothesize that 2023 is likely the earliest it'll launch. The original game took three years to develop, and development in earnest likely didn't start on the second title until after Disco Elysium: The Final Cut was released in March 2021.

How do I make Cuno like me? ›

  1. encourage his artistic side.
  2. let him see the autopsy.
  3. ask him about his name if the option comes up.
  4. mention the pig head and say you liked it after visiting his shack (this isn't vital, but it does earn XP and some amusing reactions)
28 Oct 2021

What is Sunrise Parabellum? ›

"Sunrise, Parabellum," an old revolutionary saying meaning "Sunrise, Prepare-for-War," is a favored phrase among cops.

Is Disco Elysium LGBT? ›

It's… well, it's all very queer, or at least, it's very relatable from a queer perspective. The detective answers many questions about himself over the course of Disco Elysium, learning plenty. The game is, in part, about the person you choose to be.

How many endings does Disco Elysium have? ›

Disco Elysium has three different main endings, and twelve unique game overs.

Why is Disco Elysium controversial? ›

Fans of Disco Elysium are now expressing their dissatisfaction on Chinese social media, causing widespread retweets. They argued that the plots are almost identical, but also since the word “Jile” (Elysium) is not commonly used in the Chinese language, it is blatant theft.

Can you shoot Cunoesse? ›

When attempting to shoot down the hanged man's body, there is an option to point the gun at and potentially shoot and kill Cunoesse. This leads to a unique game over screen.

What race is Kim Kitsuragi? ›

Kim Kitsuragi was born in Revachol around '08 to half-Seolite parents; his grandfather and grandmother on opposite parental sides were from Seol.

Can you romance Klaasje in Disco Elysium? ›

On the very first day of the game, you'll meet Klaasje, who's the first NPC you encounter in Disco Elysium. While talking to her, there are romantic dialogue options that you can choose, and if your Suggestion stat is high enough and you can pass the dice check, you'll be able to flirt with her.

How many hours is Disco Elysium? ›

“It takes 60+ hours of continuous playtime to finish Disco Elysium if you're a reasonably completionist player, as I am. It takes 90 hours if you're absolutely savouring every detail. And 30 hours if you're rushing it. Back-of-the-box, I would put playtime at: 60+ hours.”

What is the difference between Disco Elysium and final cut? ›

The most significant addition to Disco Elysium - The Final Cut is the full voice acting added for each and every character. This change brings the narrative and overall gameplay to a whole new level.

Who is Dora Disco Elysium? ›

Dora Ingerlund is Harrier Du Bois's former fiancée, personified as Dolores Dei in his mind in-game. She is blonde and has light blue, flecked with green, eyes. While in Revachol, Dora taught at the Académie des Arts, far east of the Esperance.

What is Cuno's accent? ›

Conversation. I know this is a concerning question but if I wanted to take a crack at Cuno's accent in Disco Elysium what would I look for? What accent does he have? He has a quite thick Liverpudlian accent!

What happens if I dont give CUNO the speed? ›

If you choose not to punch Cuno, it will cause Cuno to see Harry as weak, making it much harder to earn his respect. If you are successful in punching Cuno, it makes it easier to earn his respect further down the line. And if you fail to punch Cuno (a swing and a miss), you'll need to buy him cigarettes to make amends.

What happens if you give CUNO the speed? ›

Regardless of your choice, you'll earn 70 xp for completing the task. Note: We're not sure if this is a bug or not, but if you give the Speed Bottle to Cuno, he won't actually take his half. You'll end up with however many doses you had at the time of the exchange.

Why is there so much French in Disco Elysium? ›

Martinaise is French-themed, Seol is pretty obviously Korea (Seoul). Yes Martinaise seems to be inspired by la Martinique, a french island, which is the main setting of the game. The lead designer of the game, an estonian named Robert Kurvitz, seems to have a father named Raoul.

Who is Kras Mazov? ›

↑ ENCYCLOPEDIA - Kras Mazov (nom de guerre), was an economist and a theoretical historian. He was a leading figure in the Graad side of the Turn-of-the-Century Revolution, where he headed the Eleven Day Government. Mazov is considered the father of scientific communism (Mazovian thought or Mazovianism).

Where is Revachol based? ›

Revachol is located on the island of Le Caillou, also called "The Pebble," on the northeast side of the Insulindian Isola, on the world's largest body of water: the Insulindic.

Is Kim your half brother Disco Elysium? ›

If Harry asks who is this man to him, it then continues to say "He is your half-brother". Kim takes great pride in his Coupris Kineema, and confesses to Harry that he had wished to install the spinning hubcaps, ones that he had confiscated from a Coalition official's son high on drugs, on the wheels of the Kineema.

Where is the smoker on the balcony Disco Elysium? ›

On the first floor of the tenement, you'll find an old woman who will report the smoker's apartment number. Exit out onto the balcony from the door just to the left of where you entered from. Climb the little stairs there, and the smoker's door is the one on the far left.

How do skills work in Disco Elysium? ›

Skills are a game mechanic in Disco Elysium, determining Harry's abilities and thoughts. The initial level of a skill is equal to the level of the attributes it falls under. A signature skill, selected at the start, receives a +1.

Can you save Titus? ›

It is possible for Harry to save Titus, Elizabeth, Shanky, and Kim. Saving Titus is required for the Hardie's Heroes achievement, and saving Kim is required for the Recruit Detective Kim Kitsuragi achievement. Glen, Angus and Theo will all die regardless of Harry's choices.

Can you have multiple Copotypes? ›

You can have multiple copotypes, you'll see points accruing under each one.

Who is Dolores Dei? ›

Dolores Dei is a character in Disco Elysium. She is the most well known Innocence, and the figurehead of Dolorianism.

Is Disco Elysium a Communist game? ›

The setting's political and cultural history is also markedly varied across its locations, containing numerous different factions. Nations and people within Disco Elysium generally follow four main ideologies: communism, fascism, moralism, and ultraliberalism.

Did disco Elysium sell well? ›

'Disco Elysium' video game made nearly €7 million profit in first 6 months. Sales of a popular video game have netted its creators a profit of €6.7 million in the first six months after it was released.

Is Disco Elysium censored in Australia? ›

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut has finally had its ban in Australia lifted. Two months after the Australian Classification Board refused to classify the game due to its themes of drug misuse, violence, crime and more, the game has received a new R 18+ rating.

Does Cuno care? ›

(He doesn't care.) Kuuno de Ruyter, more commonly referred to as Cuno, is a character in Disco Elysium.

What is the message of Disco Elysium? ›

The main theme of Disco Elysium, as I see it, is the past. Dealing with the past and holding on to it. While the game is a detective story on the surface, the murder investigation isn't the most important part of it… although it does still connect to this motif.

How old is Harry Disco Elysium? ›

The Date of Birth Generator, accessible in the Thought Cabinet, places Harrier's age at a robust 44. Not young, but certainly more towards the beginning of middle age than the end of it.

What is Semenese? ›


Where is Gary the Cryptofascist? ›

Found at Land's End, northwest of the Feld building with Morell, the Cryptozoologist starting on Day 3. When Morell leaves, Gary will go with him, and he'll then be found at the Whirling-in-Rags.

How do I date Lilienne? ›

Talk to her about her life and her late husband. After cycling through all her dialogue topics, you can ask her for a date. This requires a Suggestion check that is penalized if Kim is with you. If she accepts the date, immediately go north to Land's End.

Can you run out of time in Disco Elysium? ›

Run out of Time in Disco Elysium

You have 10 in-game days to solve the mystery in Revachol. That's more than enough time to gather clues and determine who the killer is, and it's also impossible not to reach the ending (unless you die, of course).

Who is Klaasje? ›

Klaasje is disco dancer from Oranje, and can be found in one of the rooms in Whirling-In-Rags. Early in the game, Harry can choose to flirt with Klaasje, however even after passing the "Suggestion - Challenging 12" check, Harry will instead lament that he is "at death's door, bloated, a goner" and not flirt with her.

Is there a day limit in Disco Elysium? ›

In total, there are ten days you can play in Disco Elysium, and each of those days holds new things for you to find, including new areas, new characters, and new hints to take you closer to a conclusion.

Can you Softlock Disco Elysium? ›

Like most old-school RPGs with unguided character creation, Disco Elysium makes it possible to softlock yourself very early by building a character who mathematically cannot survive the tutorial mission.

What does the final cut Add to Disco Elysium? ›

The Final Cut adds full controller support and customization options, giving players more choice in how they want to explore the city at the end of the world. Players seeking games upgraded to 4K and 60FPS for their PS5 are in luck too! You will now be able to play Disco Elysium at the coveted resolution and framerate.

How long is disco Elysium the final cut? ›

“It takes 60+ hours of continuous playtime to finish Disco Elysium if you're a reasonably completionist player, as I am. It takes 90 hours if you're absolutely savoring every detail. And 30 hours if you're rushing it.

Is Disco Elysium final cut a free upgrade? ›

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut on Twitter: "Includes free upgrade to PS5!

What is streamer mode Disco Elysium? ›

A mode made for people who want to stream Disco Elysium Final Cut without any issues, and with a bit more fun. Within this streamer mode, copyrighted music is replaced with music that is not. Making it safe to play your audio to the audience without any issues. Upon that are new Twitch integration features.

Will there be a Disco Elysium 2? ›

There's no official release date for Disco Elysium 2, but we hypothesize that 2023 is likely the earliest it'll launch. The original game took three years to develop, and development in earnest likely didn't start on the second title until after Disco Elysium: The Final Cut was released in March 2021.

Who was the strongest innocence Disco Elysium? ›

Dolores Dei has become widely regarded as the greatest innocence in the current century.

Who is Sylvie Disco Elysium? ›

Sylvie is a side character and was the bartender to the Whirling-in-Rags before she left. Her bartending duties is then taken over by Garte.

Where is Cindy the skull? ›

Background. Cindy the SKULL is an artist who the player finds above them on a balcony near the ocean. She is described by others as a rebel due to her dyed hair and "old people clothing."

Who is Dolores Dei? ›

Dolores Dei is a character in Disco Elysium. She is the most well known Innocence, and the figurehead of Dolorianism.

What was the revolution in Disco Elysium? ›

It began in Graad, in '02, sparked in part by a virulent prion pandemic, called "tzaraath." It ended in '08 within Graad and '10 within Revachol. 40 million people died in the revolution. By the end, nearly all communists and anarchists were wiped out by Coalition forces.

Where is Joyce Disco Elysium? ›

Rejoyce Leyton-Messier, usually just called Joyce Messier (in fact, she prefers it), is a major character in Disco Elysium. She is found at the northwestern edge of Martinaise proper, near the apartments. Once the water lock is open on Day 3, Joyce will move over to the fishing village.

Can I sell the production schedule filament memory? ›

Note: At this point, you won't need the "Production Schedule" Filament Memory for anything else, and you can sell it in the pawnshop for 50 real. To find the "Off-Site Copy" Filament Memory, you'll need to descend into the basement of the Doomed Commercial Area.

Can you buy back items in Disco Elysium? ›

There isn't. They're not main quest items, though. If you can sell them, you can still progress without them.

How do you get Cindy brush? ›

Go back north to the tenement and speak to Cindy the Skull to borrow her brush. This requires a check but, if you fail it, tell her you want to paint self-portrait. When she challenges that, tell her you changed your mind and you don't want to make a self-portrait. After the exchange, she'll give you the brush.

Who was the strongest innocence Disco Elysium? ›

Dolores Dei has become widely regarded as the greatest innocence in the current century.

Who is Sylvie Disco Elysium? ›

Sylvie is a side character and was the bartender to the Whirling-in-Rags before she left. Her bartending duties is then taken over by Garte.

Who is Kim Kitsuragi? ›

Kim Kitsuragi is a main character in Disco Elysium. He is a lieutenant in Precinct 57 and Harry's partner in solving The Hanged Man case. He dons an orange bomber jacket and is never seen without his small notebook which he uses to keep track of case details.

Does Cuno care? ›

(He doesn't care.) Kuuno de Ruyter, more commonly referred to as Cuno, is a character in Disco Elysium.

Is Disco Elysium a Communist game? ›

The setting's political and cultural history is also markedly varied across its locations, containing numerous different factions. Nations and people within Disco Elysium generally follow four main ideologies: communism, fascism, moralism, and ultraliberalism.

Why do people like Disco Elysium so much? ›

Deep and Interesting Characters

Prod deeper and you'll find that many have more interesting things to say and maybe more related to the case than you initially expect. The characters are one of the best reasons why you should play Disco Elysium.

Does Disco Elysium have a time limit? ›

You can finish the game before you use up all of your days, depending on how your investigation goes, or you can bring it right to the end of the final days.

How do you unlock jamais vu Disco Elysium? ›

Talk to Lena about understanding your reality. She will refer you to Joyce, who you can converse with about reality (first notice she is smart in any basic dialogue, then proceed to discuss reality, "Where are we?" -> "Where *are* we?" ... "We are where we are." to unlock this).

How do you trigger the jam mystery? ›

Talk to Joyce Messier
  1. You'll need to show her your badge. If you choose this, you'll need to wait until Day 3 at least. Please see the Find your badge page for more details.
  2. You'll need to pass a check and agree to solve a drug problem at the docks. This will trigger the The Jam Mystery side quest.
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