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Be it dancing competition or Singing competition or making the kid’s photo slideshows, Bollywood Hindi Songs are most popular in Indians. Not only for entertainment purpose, but the old and new patriotic songs from Bollywood movies are also sung by kids on Independence Day and Republic day of India.

Best of Hindi Latest and Old Songs or Kids

Does your kid groove on the Bollywood beats? Bollywood is not just about larger than life love stories and unbelievable action sequences. Bollywood has embellished the childhood of many kids through the pampering birthday songs, soothing instrumentals, energetic festive songs and some danceable melodies. Here is a wonderful list of Best of Bollywood Kids’ Songs for various occasions.

  • 1. Latest and Old Hindi Songs for Kids to Sing
  • 2. Latest Bollywood Songs for Kids to Dance
  • 3. Old Hindi Songs for Kids to Dance
  • 4. Hindu Lords Worship Songs for Kids
  • 5. Patriotic Hindi Songs for Kids to Sing
  • 6. Old Hindi Songs for Kids
  • 7. Birthday Hindi Songs for Kids
  • 8. Hindi Songs for Photo Slideshow

Latest and Old Bollywood Songs for Kids to Sing

A blend of retro and trendy melodies is always effective. If your kid has a great voice or a passion for singing then these songs have easy lyrics to remember and a melody to fall for.

Kamariya – Mitron

This is one of the most loved songs of all times. Not only kids but adults too love to groove on this number on Navratri. With a Gujarati touch in the music and a blend of love and friendship in the lyrics, this song makes your shake a leg on various occasions where the fun and energy quotient is expected to be raised.

Chogada Song – Loveyatri

This one is 2nd most loved song by Indians during Navratri. It’s a Dandiya and Garba special number from the movie Loveyatri. This peppy number perfectly fit the fun-loaded parties and events. Chogada, inspired by the Gujarati folk track ‘Hey Ranglo’, brings out the elvish dancer out of you with every upcoming beat. Not just the adults find it irresistible but kids too jump on the floor when the melodious ‘Ho-Ho-ho-Ho’ hits the eardrums.

Ek Jindari-Hindi Medium

The song is completely dedicated to the new-age kids that fills them with enthusiasm. The Punjabi lyrics convey the high-spirits and big dreams of the little ones in an unconventional way. The music is for sure filled with energy and suitable for birthday parties and many other events where adorable little brigade adds a feather to the grace of the event.

Bom Diggy Diggy (VIDEO) | Zack Knight | Jasmin Wali

How can an adult or a kid stay stuck in their chair when the groovy music and lyrics of the song is ruling the ambiance? This has very energetic tune and just perfect for cute little dance moves of your kiddos. The wonderful combination of Hindi and English lyrics following an energetic tune surely deserves to be on loop in an event.

Aashiyan from Movie Barfi

“Itti si hansi, Itti si khushi, Itta sa tukda chand ka”… it has very lovely lyrics and easy for kids to sing. Its very childish song and suits to kids.
Read Lyrics:

Wake up Sid Title Song

Sung by Shankar Mahadevan is very suitable for Teenage Boys. May be bit difficult for smaller kids to sing. The lyrics are very lovely and just perfect for Teen boys/girls.

Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki from Humpty Dumpty ki Dulhaniya

Its a melodious love song but kids can sing it. Its has very sweet and easy to sing lyrics. Many kids like it.

Why This Kolaveri

This song was once trending worldwide for its offbeat music and funny lyrics. Kids and adults still like this song. The song can be easily broken into small fragments and the blend of simple English and South Indian words make this song amazing.

Chanda Chamke Cham Cham

This song from Fanaah Movie is like a fairytale to the kids. It has sun, moon, stars, sweets and many other things that fascinate the kids. Your kid will learn this song quickly and keep on humming it for the whole day.

Latest Bollywood Songs for Kids to Dance

When you set your baby free for grooving playing the trending bollywood songs, a spectacular sight can be expected. Kids love the Bollywood dance numbers and here is a list of some awesome Bollywood songs for kids to dance.

Chham Chham : Group Dance for Girls

If you have thrown a party for your little angel and invited her cute friends then this Cham Cham bollywood song from the movie Baaghi can be a great pick for a group performance. It’s a cute song which can be performed with simple steps.

Chittiyan Kalaiya: Group Dance for Girl

It’s another dancing son for girls or girls group. There is hardly an Indian girl who can resist to this groovy song. The song has some amazing steps and enthusiastic beats which can make the environment lively. The Punjabi and English lyrics combine to make this song amazing.

Hum to Hai Andhi

The songs like ‘Hum To Hai Andhi, Hum To Hai Toofan’ from the movie Bhootnath fills every kid will high energy. The song presents a battle scenario between small boys and girls flaunting their swag and attitude. With stylish costumes, a decorated room and some accessories, this song can be choreographed well for a kids’ social events.

Party with the Bhoothnath

Here comes another cool party song for kids from the movie Bhootnath. Honey Singh is not just the BAE of young brigade but adored a lot by the kids as well. His simple and addictive rap lyrics in the Hit songs like Party with the Bhootnath are always cherished by the kids.


The Dhakkad song from the Record Breaking Blockbuster Movie DANGAL can be a great choice for a boys and girls group performance. The powerful and masculine steps which are easy to learn will make it an awesome performance.

Galti Se Mistake

It’s okay to let your children do ‘Galti Se Mistake’. This is one of the most trending songs of the year and kids are going gaga behind it. The song is from Disney’s Jagga Jasoos and it has addictive and cute lyrics. The unique music of the song is for the modern kids who love to groove on new Bollywood dance numbers.

HaniKarak Bapu

Yet another song from the blockbuster flick Dangal is all set to make the naughty kids dance and sing. The song has a fresh Haryanvi flavour in it which is quite appreciated by the kids and adults so far. It’s a great song for kids’ dance events.

Evergreen Bollywood Songs for Kids to Dance

Kids not only love the trending dance numbers and soulful instrumentals but some festive, folk and regional songs too spice up their mood. Here are some more evergreen bollywood songs for kids to which they can dance.

Kesariya Hain Roop Mharo

The trendsetter of the 90’s Bolywood music, Suneeta Rao has given voice to this wonderful kid’s song. The cute Rajasthani Lyrics with magical 90’s beats leaves a magical effect. Girls wearing Gharghra and dancing to this song will definitely steal the hearts.

Kai Zala

The famous 90’s Colonial Cousins Leslie Lewis and Hariharan bring a funny and energetic Marathi Song. The song will suit a group performance of girls wearing Marathi Saaree and Boys dressed up in traditional Konkani Dress.


It is one of the top ranked 90’s bollywood songs loved by the music lovers of all ages. Sonu Nigam’s smooth and effective voice has made this naughty song addictive. The simple steps and amazing beats of the song will make the kids shake a leg. A great dance performance can be thought of on this song with boys and girls of 7-10 years.

Bum Bum Bole: Group dance for age 3-5

Almost all the songs of the blockbuster kids oriented Hindi movie – Taare Zameen Par, are loved by small and a bit grown up kids. The song Bum Bum Bole is specially made for the small kids between 3 to 5 years. A playful evening can be imagined with this song a a group of small boys and girls.

Chhota Baccha Jaan Ke

It is one of the most popular kids anthems from the golden 90’s era. The song beautifully described the confidence and skills of the kids who can perform big tasks in spite of the small body.

Hindu Lords Songs for Kids

Mein Hun Ghatotkach

Ghatotkach is a less known Hindu Lord but the cute and beautiful song represents the Lord in a light and funny manner to make him lovable among the small kids. The song is a great pick for various kids events.

Hanuman: Akkadam Bakkadam

The song paints a completely different image of the powerful and naughty Bal Hanuman. The song has cute lyrics and beats to fascinate the kids. The song is perfect for the solo or group performances of boys between 4 to 5 years.

Saath Ajube: My Friend Ganesha

Let your kid find a friend in Ganesha which is beautiful Saath Ajube song for kids from the movie My Friend Ganesha-2. The song will fit well in a solo or group performance of boys and girls.

Yashomati Mayya Se

This is a famous Indian religious song from the movie Satyam Shivam Sundaram which is often played in spiritual and kids’ celebrations. The cute lyrics relating Radha and Krishna goes well with a solo female singing performance.

Patriotic Hindi Songs for Kids to Sing

Find Lyrics here:
Kids learn what they see and hear. It’s very important to make them listen to the popular Bollywood patriotic songs so that they feel proud of their motherland and learn the glorious history related to it. Here are some beautiful patriotic hindi songs for kids. Below are the songs very suitable for kids to sing on republic day and independence day.

Ae Watan | Raazi

What to say about this song; with the inspiration of real-life story of such an inspiring brave girl, this song makes your heart full of emotions. The song reminds of the unforgettable sacrifices of our great martyrs. The patriotic song is suitable for Independence Day or Republic Day celebrations.

Maa Tujhe Salaam

No matter how many salutes one gives to this great nation, it won’t be enough ever. The breathtaking voice of A.R Rahman has given a soul to this wonderful song. Every kid should listen to this sweet voice and feel the moving lyrics.

Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

Melodious song on unity in people from various cultures in India. Kids may not be able to understand the value of blood and sacrifices associated with the country’s freedom. This is a melodious song which also inspires the kids to feel the belongingness of living in a free nation.

Kar Chale Hum Fida

The inspiring song tells the significance of Indian Army and makes one understand their sacrifices by virtue of which the nation can sleep with peace. The soulful voice of Mohammad Rafi is enough to develop the sense of patriotism in a kid.

Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo

The hearts of the little ones are tender and the patriotic lyrics can be easily set there. The emotional patriotic song tells the Indians to remember and value the sacrifices of the soldiers who lost their lives for the sake of country’s freedom.

Vande Maataram

A group of mellifluous voices gather to produce a magical Vande Matram song is definitely something to make your baby hear. This simple and beautiful version of Vande Matram induces patriotic sentiments in kids.

Nanha Munna Rahi Hun

This is the cute children special patriotic song. The song induces a leadership and patriotic feeling in kids. If your kid wants to serve the nation as a soldier being a young man, help him understand the patriotic values through this song.

Sabarmati ke Santh: Gandhi Jayanti Special

The motivational song from the 1954 movie Jagriti is dedicated to the international icon Mahatma Gandhi. Your kid will be able to learn the principles and ethics of Mahatma Gandhi through this wonderful song.

Hum Laye hain Tufaan se Kashti Nikalke

The touching and patriotic song from the movie Jagriti gives a sense of responsibility of saving the country to the young brigade. Thousands of lives have been sacrificed to get the freedom and this song teaches that the children are the future of this great nation and they must preserve it.

Mera Rang De Basanti Chola

The song has very powerful lyrics which describes the passion of doing anything to save the nation. Mera Rang De Basanti Chola is a very inspiring Bollywood patriotic song filled with many emotions. This song can bring anyone with a love for his country in tears.

Aao Baccho Tumhe Dikhaye

India is the land of sacrifices, culture, traditions, spirituality and peace. The song beautifully describes this great country and its significance on the global map. The song can be played on Independence Day, Republic day or any other occasion at home or outside.

Saare Jahan Se Accha

Your kid will start respecting and valuing this great country when he or she will learn that it’s the best in the world. This patriotic song touches everyone’s heart and teaches unity in diversity.

Hum Honge Kamyab

It’s time to play a song related to the proverb – Where there is a will, there is a way. This beautiful song inspires every kid to keep hope and go on. One day, success will kiss the feet and that day all the efforts will pay off.

Old Hindi Songs for Infants and Toddlers

The cool kids of this modern generation may be addicted to the typical Bollywood dance numbers but the delightful melody of the Old Hindi Songs. Here some old bollywood songs for kids that will take them to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Lakadi Ki Kathi: The List Cannot Be Over Without This Song

This sweet song from the movie Masoom can make any kid’s childhood amazing. The song tells about the playful activities, innocent talks, fantasy tales and much more.

Nani Teri Morni

This popular song from the 1960 movie Masoom stills fascinates the kids. The song is often hummed by the Indian grannies during a kid’s bedtime. The wonderful song from the black and white era still has a myriad of colorful emotions.

Lalla Lalla Lori

Parents can express their endless love for their kids through this beautiful song. The song can be a great choice for your kid’s bedtime regime. It’s sweet, easy to understand and soulful.

Cham Cham Karti Ayee Chidya

How to make a crying baby smile? Well, a song like Cham Cham Karti Aayee Chidiya can do the job. The song beautifully describes rhythmic movements of the birds, monkeys and many other wildlife creatures. Kids just love getting lost in such fantasy wildlife tales.

Chanda Hai Tu

This blissful song from the movie Aradhana is favorite of many Indian moms. The song beautifully defines the bonding between a mother and her child. Every boy and girl is apple of their parent’s eyes and the song wonderfully tells this thing.

Ichak Dana Bichak Dana

Kids love to learn the poems that have a rhythm and melody. This fun song for kids is in the form of a poem and has childish lyrics that are easy to remember and sing.

Dadi amma Dadi amma Maan Jao

Your child may remain confused about how to appease his granny. This song wonderfully tells the solutions to impress an angry granny, mom or dad.

Nanhe Munne Bacche Teri Mutthi Mein Kya Hai?

Do you believe in your Nanha Munna or Nanhi Munni? This song tells that your baby may have his fate controlled in his fist. All you need to keep faith in your kids and let them conquer big mountains.

Birthday Hindi Songs for Kids

Happy Birthday Song by Sonu Nigam

What can be better than playing the mellifluous voice of the living singing legend, Sonu Nigam on your little one’s birth anniversary? The soulful singer has added a new essence to the traditional Happy Birthday Song for kids with his magical voice.

Happy Birthday to You Song for Kids by Nakash Aziz

Bring the special moment alive with the Jabra Fan famed Singer Nakash Aziz. His lovely voice and the relatable lyrics will make you fall for the song and make you wish for your baby’s happiness and prosperity on the big day.

Happy Birthday Song Mohammad Rafi

The song talks about the innocence of the little babies and their relation with the parents. The divine voice of singing legend Mohammad Rafi in this hindi kid song video for birthdays can be a perfect start for your kid’s birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Song for Kids to Dance: ABCD2

Want a crazy Bolly beat for your baby’s birthday party? The Happy Birthday Song composed by Sachin Jigar from ABCD2 can be a great pick. The song has energy, great lyrics and danceable music.

Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye: Happy Birthday Song for Cake Cutting

This magical song by Mohammad Rafi from the 1967 flick FARZ is like a birthday anthem to Indian kids for many decades. Add oomph to the celebration playing this awesome happy birthday song audio for kids.

Hindi Songs for Baby Girl/Boy Photo Slideshow

Mere Ghar Ayee ek Nanhi Paree

Every parent gets emotional when this song is played. Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari from Kabhie Kabhie movie beautifully describes the importance of a girl child. The song can ginger up the first birthday moment.

Instrumental of Paree hun Mein

A modern and soothing instrumental music, just perfect for a stylish slideshow of your baby’s photos. Play Pari Hoon Main and get lost in the 90’s magic. Let your kid relive the golden era of 90’s with this amazing Bollywood Kakaroke tune originally sung by Suneeta Rao.

Super Melodious Instrumental Music for Kids Birthday Slideshow

Soulful background scores embellish a birthday photo slideshow more than any audio songs. This wonderful instrumental birthday music for kids can also be played in the background in a birthday party to let the guests relish an amazing eve.

Another Melodious Instrumental Song for Slideshow

This sweet and peaceful birthday instrumental song for babies is a complete treat for the baby slideshow. Your kid will dance and play with his little brigade enjoying this wonderful melody.
Choosing the right songs for your kids considering their age is an essential part of parenting. Songs influence kids and adults as the songs itself are inspired from the real life incidents. The Bollywood songs have always been special in every Indian kid’s childhood. Make your kid feel special playing a suitable Bollywood song on his birthday or any special occasion and let him sing and dance flowing with the beats.

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