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1. Some Disney characters use guns. Oftentimes, they use the gun for good, but that isn't always the case.Take this film, for instance. Clayton carries a gun, and even tries to kill friendly animals with it. Which animated film contains both Clayton and the dastardly deed of harming innocent animals?

Answer: Tarzan"Tarzan" was released in 1999, and is about a young boy who was raised by gorillas. In his later life, some scientists come to study the gorillas, and discover Tarzan. They bring along protection, Clayton, who is actually only there to hunt the gorillas.

In one scene, Clayton even threatens to shoot a human. Clayton, unfortunately, does not realize hunting gorillas is a bad thing. In the Disney film, he dies.

2. Greed is everywhere, and the lust for power is sometimes too much for some characters.Thirsty for power, Ursula would do anything to get her hands on the trident. She deceives Ariel into signing a contract that would allow Ariel to become human, but at the cost of her voice. This villainous witch was from which film?

Answer: The Little Mermaid"The Little Mermaid" was released by Disney in 1989. The film is about Ariel, a 16-year-old mermaid who longs for a different life, one on land instead of in the ocean. The wicked sea witch, Ursula, grants her this wish, with the condition that she gets to keep Ariel's voice. Of course, Ariel also has only a few days to receive true love's first kiss before she gets her fins back and becomes a worm in Ursula's garden. Ursula, using her deception, decides to use Ariel's voice to win the heart of Eric before Ariel can; this way, Ariel would not receive true love's first kiss and would be turned into a worm forever.What terrible crimes committed by Ursula! She was punished for her wrongs, when she is wounded by a ship, which causes her death.

3. I was quite surprised when I was thinking of how many Disney films contain smoking; there are quite a number of them. This most often is featured in the earlier Disney movies, when smoking was the norm.Of course, that doesn't mean other people feel the same way. The wise caterpillar in one Disney film smokes, which is not acceptable to the title heroine. She is none too thrilled when he blows smoke rings in her face. The cantankerous caterpillar smokes in which of these Disney films?

Answer: Alice in Wonderland"Alice in Wonderland" was first released in 1951. The film follows Alice, a young girl who finds her way into a fantastical world (known as Wonderland, fancy that) by following a talking white rabbit with a pocket watch (shouldn't that have been her first clue that something was amiss?).

She meets many zany characters along the way, including the caterpillar. The caterpillar is strange and cryptic, and is constantly smoking his hookah (a pipe used for smoking flavored tobacco).The caterpillar is fine with smoking, because, in the 19th century, smoking was very common.

However, poor little Alice, only seven years of age, is not too happy with the caterpillar blowing smoke rings at her.

4. Seems innocent enough - some boys coaxing another into an amusement park known as Pleasure Island. It has to be fun, right? Not necessarily. When the boy gets there, he is pressured into many bad things, including drinking. Where is his conscience when he needs him? Oh yes, he doesn't listen to him.The title character is led straight to a land where gluttony, beer drinking, fighting, and gambling are all prevalent, and not a good atmosphere for a good little boy, which is what he is striving to be. What film is it?

Answer: Pinocchio"Pinocchio" was first released in 1940. In the film, a puppet (created by Gepetto) needs to be a good boy so he can become a real boy. This puppet, who is, of course, Pinocchio, does not yet have a conscience of his own, and listens to Jiminy Cricket for advice. One day, however, he does not listen to the bug, and is pressured by his peers to go to Pleasure Island.

There he gambles, smokes cigars, drinks beer, fights, and vandalizes his way into becoming a donkey. Why on earth does he become a donkey, you may wonder. Let us just say that his transformation is fitting for the way Pleasure Island makes him act.Fortunately, Pinocchio realizes what he did was wrong, which is one step towards becoming a real boy; the knowledge of right and wrong without the aid of his temporary conscience, Jiminy Cricket. Eventually, after making plenty of good decisions and being a good little boy, Pinocchio is able to transform into a real human boy, no longer a wooden doll.

5. For a lot of people, the conscience would tear away at them if they poisoned another person. But some Disney characters are evil, and do not particularly care if they do wrong things or not.One such wicked person inserted toxin into an apple. This venomous pome appears in which Disney film?

Answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was the first Disney animated film released, way back in 1937. In this film, a young, beautiful girl finds a group of male dwarfs and lives with them. An evil witch, infuriated by not being the prettiest girl around (she's an evil witch, does she expect to be gorgeous?), decides to poison Snow White.

Instead of killing her, however, she simply drugs her to a long period of sleep, one that can only be awakened by true love's kiss (Disney villains should learn that spells involving love are always broken).

The goal was for the dwarfs to think she was dead and bury her alive. In the end, the witch is punished for her evil plot, when she falls to her death and is crushed by a big rock.

6. A fairly common crime found in animated films is that of theft. Some steal for the welfare of others. Some do it for their own survival. Others do it for fun. One has his monkey do it.Which of these films contains the thievery of a monkey named Abu?

Answer: Aladdin"Aladdin" was released by Disney in 1992. The film is about a poor 'street rat' who is in love with the Princess. Somehow, after a series of strange events (finding a magic cave, rubbing a lamp, making wishes, and freeing a several-thousand-year-old being from captivity), he ends up getting the girl.

She is even able to look past his thieving ways from when he lived a poor life in the streets. Aladdin robbed food to survive in the streets. Abu, however, simply can't help himself if he sees something interesting.

7. Sometimes, one must do wrong to do good. In this case, the title character enters the army because her father cannot. Not bad, right? However, it is forbidden for women to enter the army in this film, so she disguises herself as Ping, the SON of her father.What film is about an ancient army trying to stop the invading Huns?

Answer: Mulan"Mulan" was released in 1998, and features a young girl whose father was in the army but fell ill. Disguising herself as a man, she enters the army as Ping, and pretends to be her father's son. In this ancient time, women were forbidden to fight in wars, which is why she has disguised herself as a man.

Though it is wrong for a woman to enter the army, especially since she lied about herself, disobeyed orders, and even "brought dishonor upon her family", she is rewarded greatly by the emperor for her heroic deeds. Sometimes it pays to be bad, if being bad is for the better good.

8. Death seems to be a common occurence in Disney films. If you think about the deaths that occur in these films, it's staggering to discover how many of these deaths are actually no accident at all. Why, these deaths are murders!Perhaps the most famous murder in Disney films is actually admitted by the character when he said "I killed Mufasa". What's the film?

Answer: The Lion King"The Lion King" was released in 1994. The story follows Simba, a young lion who lost his father in a stampede of wildebeest. Simba feels it was his fault, and runs away, leaving Scar, his uncle, in charge of the pride of lions. Simba does not return until many years later, when the rule of Scar has become too unbearable for the lionesses. Near the end of the film, Simba learns it was not his fault that his father died, and it was actually Scar who killed Mufasa. Scar feels no shame for his dirty deed, so, in the long run, Scar gets what was coming to him, and he also dies.

However, his death is not by trampling; he is killed by his hyena minions!

9. Though it may not ever be shown or mentioned blatantly in Disney films, sex can be cryptically hidden throughout.After a romantic meal at an Italian restaurant, a couple of animals stare at the sky and end up spending the night with each other. Later in the film, it is discovered that the female is pregnant.Which of these couples has a few buns in the oven in the film?

Answer: Lady and the Tramp"Lady and the Tramp" was originally released in 1955. The film features dogs, with Lady being a fancy Cocker Spaniel, perhaps way out of Tramp's league, as he is only a mutt. Somehow, though, as most Disney movies end, the less-than-spectacular Tramp gets the Lady (pun intended) and they live happily ever after.

10. Guns, greed, smoking, drinking, drugging, stealing, war, murder, and sex all appear in a single Disney movie. Various characters partake in many of them, and some have a guilty conscience because of it, others do not.In this Disney film, Basil shoots a pillow, Ratigan smokes a cigar, Bartholomew gets drunk, Dawson is drugged, Fidget steals uniforms, there is a bar fight, innocent ones are fed to a giant beast, and there is even a burlesque dancer. That is an awful lot to appear in one film; which lesser known of the Disney films is it?

Answer: The Great Mouse Detective"The Great Mouse Detective" was released in 1986. The film is about an adorable little mouse named Olivia. Her father is kidnapped by a crippled bat. She sets out to find Basil who, with the aid of Dawson, helps her to recover her missing father. The film is very Sherlock Holmes-esque but is actually based on the children's novel "Basil of Baker Street".Basil is not at all guilty that he uses a gun; all he does is shoot a pillow while he is trying to solve some sort of mystery.

In the 19th century, when the movie takes place, smoking was common, so Ratigan is not at all worried about his cigar habit. Bartholomew is a little mouse who gets drunk, but only regrets this after he says something to upset Ratigan, who then feeds him to a cat. Fidget steals many things for his boss, so really has no choice. Poor guy; you can't help but feel bad for him.

He has a bad leg and a broken wing, is almost eaten by a cat, and is killed when Ratigan decides the bat is too much extra weight for their getaway balloon. Ratigan is to blame for many murders, which, as the villain, he feels no guilt for.

This, of course, means he has to be punished, and when fighting on the clock tower, he falls to his death.

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