1000 Most Common English Words and Meaning - English Vocabs (2023)

1000 Most Common English Words and Meaning

1000 Most Common English Words and Meaning - English Vocabs (1)

1. wet

Meaning;damp, moist, tacky, liquid, watery

2. suddenly

Meaning;abruptly, sharp, at once, short

3. funny

Meaning;comic, comical, ridiculous, humorous

4. confused

Meaning;mixed, complicated, complex, combined

5. increase

Meaning;rise, increment, rising, up, enhancement

6. condone

Meaning;forgive, excuse, pardon, absolve, release

7. among

Meaning;between, amongst, amid

8. evolution


9. severe

Meaning;vigorous, violent, intense, heavy, strong

10. found

Meaning;establish, set up, install, build, set

11. joy

Meaning;delight, pleasure, rejoicing, gladness

12. nephew

Meaning;a son of one’s brother or sister

13. compliment

Meaning;attention, kindness, bouquet, sugar, taffy

14. inhibit

Meaning;embarrass, fetter, hinder, obstruct

15. connection

Meaning;link, linkage, contact, communication

16. thought

Meaning;opinion, thinking, idea, mind, consideration

17. noble

Meaning;royal, aristocratic, dignified, grand, sublime

18. frugal

Meaning;thrifty, sparing, prudent, careful, saving

19. join

Meaning;participate, attend, take part

20. they

Meaning;used to refer to two or more people or things

21. thank you


22. fire


23. helpful

Meaning;useful, beneficial, utility, advantageous

24. borrow

Meaning;raise a loan, take on loan

25. affect

Meaning;influence, impress, thrill, touch, turn

26. certain

Meaning;specific, particular, set, definite, precise

27. equal

Meaning;equivalent, even, tantamount

28. space

Meaning;area, field, space, domain

29. as

Meaning;like, kind of

30. poop

Meaning;fart, break wind

31. rural

Meaning;country, rustic, pastoral, agrarian, countrified

32. soul

Meaning;spirit, psyche, ghost

33. burglar

Meaning;thief, robber, lifter

34. response

Meaning;answer, reply

35. logical

Meaning;sensible, reasonable, rational, plausible

36. harsh

Meaning;rigid, tough, stiff, solid

37. prove

Meaning;demonstrate, show, be contented with

38. procrastination

Meaning;suspension, delay, postponement

39. impact

Meaning;effect, influence, action, effectiveness

40. regret

Meaning;remorse, repentance, contrition

41. extensive

Meaning;wide, broad, spacious, large, vast

42. literally

Meaning;word for word, word by word

43. function

Meaning;mission, duty, task

44. sin

Meaning;transgression, evil, wrongdoing, iniquity

45. believe

Meaning;trust, credit, rely, put faith in, esteem

46. succeed

Meaning;get ahead, prosper, speed

47. many

Meaning;very, many, numerous, plenty, good

48. mandatory

Meaning;compulsory, obligatory, necessary, forced

49. above

Meaning;upstairs, hereinabove, supra, afore

50. tool

Meaning;vehicle, means, instrument

51. go

Meaning;move from one place to another

52. awesome

Meaning;terrible, horrible, awful

53. get

Meaning;come to have or hold; receive.

54. knowledge

Meaning;information, info, data, instructions, notice

55. pain

Meaning;ache, soreness, discomfort, affliction, spasm

56. cry

Meaning;weep, weeping, wail, whimper

57. atmosphere

Meaning;aura, aureola, aureole

58. narrow

Meaning;tight, acute, constricted, strait, parochial

59. prefix


60. a lot

Meaning;very, much, many, numerous, plenty

61. united

Meaning;combined, joint, integrated, connected

62. lovely

Meaning;nice, beautiful, good, pretty, fine

63. light

Meaning;lamp, luminary, gleam

64. find

Meaning;discover, devise, meet, ascertain, strike

65. alive

Meaning;live, alive, living, lively, vibrant, vivid

66. example

Meaning;sample, instance, model, specimen, pattern

67. dilate

Meaning;widen, broaden, enlarge, expand, amplify

68. fine

Meaning;thin, slim, subtle, slender, delicate

69. wisdom

Meaning;erudition, savoir vivre, wisdom, reason

70. assist

Meaning;help, aid, lend assistance

71. rude

Meaning;rough, coarse, bearish, crude, vulgar

72. suspicious

Meaning;suspect, skeptical, doubtful

73. incorporate

Meaning;anonymous, incorporated, joint-stock

74. against

Meaning;opposite, counter, before, con

75. problem

Meaning;question, issue, trouble, difficulty, cause

76. judge

Meaning;adjudicator, justice, commissioner

77. strong

Meaning;powerful, robust, potent, mighty, vigorous

78. evolve

Meaning;thrive, develop, improve, evolve, grow

79. fox

Meaning;cheat, deceive, spoof; vixen

80. float

Meaning;bathe, ride, shave, strike out, swim; buoy

81. refers

Meaning;apply, consult, resort

82. punctual

Meaning;precise, prompt, exact, minute, rigorous

83. compare

Meaning;crosscheck, check, match

84. inferior

Meaning;lower, under, subordinate, subaltern; quality

85. advantage

Meaning;benefit, advance, vantage, head start, odds

86. heaven

Meaning;paradise, Eden, glory, Elysium, pie

87. consideration

Meaning;importance, stature, significance, matter

88. frustrated


89. satisfied

Meaning;pleased, happy, glad, delighted, content

90. derived

Meaning;derive, reproduce, remove

91. relationship

Meaning;intercourse, correlation, affair, connection

92. maintain

Meaning;protect, preserve, keep, guard, safeguard

93. lucid

Meaning;clear, limpid, bright, crystalline

94. honor

Meaning;pride, face, self-respect

95. silly

Meaning;stupid, foolish, dumb, daft, goofy

96. lastly

Meaning;finally, last, terminally

97. given

Meaning;past participle of give

98. contribute

Meaning;conduce, lend, subscribe, subscribe to

99. shop

Meaning;store, emporium, shebang

100. tension

Meaning;voltage, potential, intensity

101. fat

Meaning;obese, overweight, stout, corpulent

102. noisy

Meaning;loud, tumultuous, vociferous, clamorous

103. desperate

Meaning;hopeless, bleak, despairing

104. felt

Meaning;pad, mat, felting

105. level

Meaning;grade, standard, plane, equality

106. virtue

Meaning;merit, grace

107. strict

Meaning;tight, hard, stringent, close, rigorous

108. sensitive

Meaning;precision, delicate, fine, susceptible

109. realize

Meaning;achieve, carry out, effect, execute, actualize

110. friendly

Meaning;sincere, intimate, cordial, genuine, candid

111. perceive

Meaning;sense, comprehend, pick up

112. inappropriate

Meaning;improper, inconvenient, unsuitable

113. greedy

Meaning;grasping, rapacious, voracious, insatiable

114. production

Meaning;manufacture, generation, output

115. creepy

Meaning;gory, creeping, reptile

116. clever

Meaning;smart, intelligent, cute, wise, astute

117. alone

Meaning;lonely, solo, lone, single, solitary

118. terrible

Meaning;horrible, awful, scary, terrifying, horrific

119. advice

Meaning;recommendation, suggestion, tip, counsel

120. coriander

Meaning;herb, plant

121. envy

Meaning;jealousy, jaundice, jealousy, malice, grudger

122. serious

Meaning;grave, important, critical, earnest, solemn

123. advocate

Meaning;attorney, lawyer, solicitor, counsel

124. standard

Meaning;canonical, stock, off-the-shelf

125. broken

Meaning;cracked, fractured, split

126. human

Meaning;man, human being, humanity

127. progressive

Meaning;advancing, developing, onward

128. feedback

Meaning;backlash, kickback

129. free

Meaning;independent, at liberty, unfettered

130. flow

Meaning;pour, run, drain

131. vision

Meaning;seeing, sight, opinion

132. distinguish

Meaning;separate, allocate, partition

133. mood

Meaning;state of mind, spirit, frame of mind

134. missing

Meaning;minus, deficient, incomplete

135. fresh

Meaning;new, crisp, raw, hot

136. seen

Meaning;past form of see

137. in order to

Meaning;so, that, so that

138. amazing person

Meaning;surprising person, astounding person, astonishing person

139. claim

Meaning;argue, contend, allege

140. rich

Meaning;wealthy, opulent, affluent, generous

141. appreciate

Meaning;prize, admire, pay tribute, estimate

142. event

Meaning;incident, case, scene, occurrence, happening

143. tidy

Meaning;regular, organized, orderly, steady, ordered

144. performance

Meaning;show, demonstration, showing

145. add

Meaning;join, attach, adjoin, join together

146. driven

Meaning;past form of drive

147. trust

Meaning;confidence, reliance, faith, assurance, credit

148. access

Meaning;inlet, input, entry, login, entrance

149. identify

Meaning;determine, define, specify, state, assign

150. stuff

Meaning;thing, doing, matter, doings, affair

151. ignore

Meaning;disregard, pay no attention, not to mind

152. vagina

Meaning;genitalia, pudenda, clitoris

153. interaction

Meaning;reciprocal action or influence

154. continue

Meaning;proceed, keep going, keep on, go ahead

155. rigid

Meaning;hard, tough, harsh, stiff, solid

156. appearance

Meaning;view, outlook, aspect

157. discuss

Meaning;debate, dispute, moot, wrangle, brawl

158. avoid

Meaning;prevent, prevent from, prohibit, intercept

159. experience

Meaning;knowledge, experimentation, tentative

160. forced

Meaning;compulsory, mandatory, obligatory, necessary

161. productive

Meaning;efficient, fruitful, fertile

162. green

Meaning;color between blue and yellow spectrum

163. guide

Meaning;manual, pilot, lead, pioneer, conductor

164. temporary

Meaning;transient, interim, provisional, temporal, casual

165. next

Meaning;subsequent, following, after, latter, ensuing

166. content

Meaning;ingredient, substance, meaning, theme

167. together

Meaning;jointly, in common, as one man

168. stiff

Meaning;hard, rigid, tough, harsh, solid

169. radical

Meaning;sweeping, root-and-branch

170. inclusive

Meaning;including, bearing

171. strength

Meaning;power, force, capacity, ability, energy

172. obey

Meaning;comply, fit, follow, comply with

173. entertainment

Meaning;fun, amusement, recreation

174. benefit

Meaning;utility, use, advantage, usefulness, profit

175. superior

Meaning;high, excellent, unsurpassed, super, extra

176. ultimately

Meaning;finally, eventually, at last, lastly

177. able

Meaning;talented, capable, skilled

178. perks


179. very important

Meaning;crucial, of great importance, all-important

180. theme

Meaning;topic, subject, plot

181. mature

Meaning;fully developed physically, ripe, grown

182. guidance

Meaning;guiding, lead, orientation

183. expectations

Meaning;expectation, expectancies, prospect

184. recognize

Meaning;know, get to know, identify, acknowledge

185. ignorance

Meaning;illiteracy, darkness, night

186. things

Meaning;works, things, affairs

187. word

Meaning;vocable, promise, talk

188. fundamental

Meaning;basic, primary, underlying, principal, elementary

189. nice

Meaning;beautiful, lovely, good, pretty, fine

190. portray

Meaning;define, describe, characterize

191. release

Meaning;deblock, decontrol, deliver

192. offer

Meaning;proposal, offering, tender, proposition

193. significantly

Meaning;notably, remarkably, outstandingly

194. frequently

Meaning;often, constantly, oft

195. hit

Meaning;hitting, incidence, blow

196. popular

Meaning;loved, beloved, liked, lovable, darling

197. tight

Meaning;strict, hard, stringent, close, rigorous

198. comprehensive

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Meaning;exhaustive, wide, generic, blanket

199. then

Meaning;at that time, at the time, by then

200. at the same time

Meaning;simultaneously, meanwhile, nevertheless

201. such as


202. barren

Meaning;inefficient, unproductive, poor, barren

203. during

Meaning;throughout, along

204. states

Meaning;class, grade, classroom, rate, category

205. early

Meaning;premature, matutinal

206. pure

Meaning;pristine, naive, distilled, absolute, gullible

207. usually

Meaning;generally, normally, in general, largely, ordinarily

208. sufficient

Meaning;enough, adequate, ample

209. adequate

Meaning;sufficient, adequate, ample, satisfactory

210. innocent

Meaning;harmless, blameless, clear, guiltless

211. bad

Meaning;poor, worse, evil, ill, nasty

212. associated


213. structure

Meaning;construction, build, making, building, make

214. sorrow

Meaning;sadness, grief, regret, distress, worry

215. expand

Meaning;widen, broaden, enlarge, amplify, dilate

216. destruction

Meaning;extermination, annihilation, demolition

217. achievement

Meaning;success, performance, accomplishment

218. break

Meaning;fracture, crack, hurt, offend, give offense

219. hurt

Meaning;damage, harm, loss, detriment

220. convey

Meaning;transmit, transfer, conduct, carry off, deliver

221. disappear

Meaning;be lost, go astray, lose one’s bearings

222. available

Meaning;present, existing, actual, existent, stock

223. impressive


224. character

Meaning;personality, person, persona

225. lose

Meaning;forfeit, chuck away, deceive, lose out

226. discipline

Meaning;authority, power, control, domination

227. widow


228. stunning

Meaning;striking, dramatic, salient, blazing, intense

229. music

Meaning;melody, opera, piece

230. based


231. topic

Meaning;subject, issue, matter, subject matter, theme

232. gentle

Meaning;kind, courteous, polite, delicate

233. so

Meaning;to such a great extent.

234. move

Meaning;movement, motion, action, act, behavior

235. exceed

Meaning;overrun, overlap, pass, pass over

236. sweet

Meaning;luscious, mellow, soft, pleasant, beautiful

237. intense

Meaning;dense, concentrated, compact

238. happiness

Meaning;bliss, welfare, felicity, glory, elation

239. world

Meaning;globe, nature, monde, terrestrial globe

240. again

Meaning;over, over again, all over

241. technology


242. should

Meaning;shall, must, ought

243. hope

Meaning;prospect, promise, expectation

244. admire

Meaning;appreciate, prize, pay tribute

245. according

Meaning;as stated by or in

246. principles

Meaning;principle, basis, tenet

247. specific

Meaning;certain, particular, set, definite, precise

248. suggest

Meaning;recommend, commit, proffer, propound

249. possible

Meaning;feasible, likely, probable

250. further

Meaning;anymore, upwards, upward, upwards of

251. communism

Meaning;political theory derived from Karl Marx

252. little

Meaning;small, minor, young, younger, petty

253. empower

Meaning;accredit, authorise, authorize

254. crisis

Meaning;attack, fit, bout

255. established

Meaning;founded, set, based

256. and

Meaning;together with, along with, as well as

257. foolish

Meaning;stupid, silly, stupidly, idiotic, crazy

258. attitude

Meaning;behavior, manner, demeanor, carriage

259. dry

Meaning;dried, drying, arid, sapless, scarious

260. tired

Meaning;weary, jaded, worn, bushed, pooped

261. set up

Meaning;establish, install, build

262. decision

Meaning;judgment, decree, resolution, determination

263. after

Meaning;later, subsequently, thereafter, afterward

264. butt

Meaning;buttocks, bum, rear, behind, backside

265. unhappy

Meaning;joyless, unfortunate, infelicitous

266. remember

Meaning;recall, recollect, call to mind, call up

267. white

Meaning;hoar, clean

268. upset

Meaning;sorry, sad, unhappy, worried, dejected

269. useless

Meaning;pointless, unserviceable, profitless

270. capable

Meaning;talented, able, skilled

271. position

Meaning;location, status

272. conservative

Meaning;uptight, sectarian, fanatic

273. disappointed


274. framework

Meaning;structure, construction, build

275. ensure

Meaning;guarantee, ensure, make certain

276. surprised

Meaning;feeling or showing surprise

277. retrospective

Meaning;looking back on

278. taught

Meaning;teach, instruct, show

279. reach

Meaning;achieve, arrive, attain

280. glad

Meaning;satisfied, pleased, happy, delighted, content

281. taken

Meaning;lay hold of with one’s hands

282. interest

Meaning;attention, concern, care, relevance, affinity

283. tall

Meaning;long, extended, lengthy

284. greatly

Meaning;very, too, much

285. career

Meaning;profession, job, vocation

286. top

Meaning;upper, high, senior, superior, surface

287. introvert


288. brilliant

Meaning;bright, shiny, glossy

289. disappointment

Meaning;disillusion, disillusionment, letdown, frost

290. proud

Meaning;vain, arrogant, conceited, vainglorious

291. happy

Meaning;delighted, merry, blissful, elated, contented

292. personal

Meaning;individual, private, intimate, singular

293. due

Meaning;required, necessary

294. true

Meaning;real, actual, genuine, authentic, exact

295. satisfaction

Meaning;pleasure, contentment, content

296. that

Meaning;used to identify a specific person or thing

297. transition

Meaning;passage, pass, passing

298. well

Meaning;good, decent, fine, great, okay

299. furthermore

Meaning;also, further, additionally, besides

300. cow

Meaning;scare, frighten, intimidate, daunt

301. goal

Meaning;target, destination, aim, objective, object

302. celebrate

Meaning;congratulate, greet, commemorate, emblazon

303. few

Meaning;little, small, under, short, poor

304. old

Meaning;used, former, ancient, past, ex

305. mean

Meaning;intend, aim at, purpose, aim, refer

306. burden

Meaning;load, cargo, charge

307. socialism


308. can


309. save

Meaning;rescue, save, recover, salvage, redeem

310. justice

Meaning;fairness, equity, equitableness, reason

311. average

Meaning;mean, medium, normal

312. weird

Meaning;strange, bizarre, odd, peculiar, funny

313. extremely

Meaning;highly, exceptionally, exceedingly, immensely

314. make

Meaning;do, perform, build, have, take

315. issue

Meaning;subject, topic, matter, subject matter, theme

316. classy

Meaning;stylish, elegant, chic

317. large

Meaning;great, big, major, older, grand

318. exaggerate

Meaning;overdo, overcharge, carry to excess

319. defend

Meaning;line up with, advocate, protect

320. team

Meaning;suit, set, squad, suite, side

321. extreme

Meaning;excessive, ultra, high, heavy, undue

322. anxious

Meaning;worried, concerned, apprehensive, suspenseful

323. foster

Meaning;feed, nourish, raise

324. type

Meaning;tip, sort, style

325. formal

Meaning;official, formal, state, legal, statutory, civil

326. naive

Meaning;pure, pristine, distilled, absolute, gullible

327. liar

Meaning;sham, fabricator, fibber

328. before

Meaning;ago, first, in advance, prior to, above

329. source

Meaning;resource, welding, weld, origin, spring

330. utilize

Meaning;operate, employ, make use of, exploit

331. neat

Meaning;clean, fresh, clear, neat, pure, tidy

332. describe

Meaning;define, portray, be descriptive of, designate

333. home

Meaning;house, place, housing, residence, dwelling

334. peak

Meaning;top, apical, terminal

335. postpone

Meaning;delay, adjourn, defer, suspend, carry over

336. below

Meaning;down, lowly, infra

337. must

Meaning;condition, proviso, circumstance

338. done

Meaning;made, made of, accomplished

339. regular

Meaning;organized, tidy, orderly, steady, ordered

340. applied

Meaning;practical, operative, handy

341. decline

Meaning;drop, decrease, fall, reduction, falling

342. often

Meaning;frequently, constantly, oft, ofttimes

343. enjoy

Meaning;delight, appreciate, feast, indulge, take pleasure

344. hopefully


345. real

Meaning;true, actual, genuine, authentic, exact

346. devastating

Meaning;subversive, destructive, disruptive

347. claustrophobia


348. condition

Meaning;status, case, situation

349. victim

Meaning;sacrifice, prey, offering, martyr, patsy

350. reliable

Meaning;tried, trustworthy, dependable, credible, secure

351. shy

Meaning;bashful, embarrassed, timid, coy, gawky

352. thick

Meaning;coarse, dense, stout, grave

353. especially

Meaning;particularly, in particular, specially, exclusively

354. easy

Meaning;simple, straightforward, effortless, ready

355. produce

Meaning;breed, propagate, manufacture, fabricate

356. prior

Meaning;previous, former, prior

357. create

Meaning;form, compose, carve out, constitute

358. hungry

Meaning;empty, ravenous, unfed, hollow, greedy for

359. unfair

Meaning;unjust, unjustified, wrong, wrongful

360. integrity

Meaning;unity, entirety, completeness, wholeness, totality

361. energetic

Meaning;vibrant, vigorous, dynamic, active, brisk

362. we

Meaning;we, us

363. idiot

Meaning;stupid, fool, silly, dummy, cretin

364. stale

Meaning;corny, old, threadbare, trite, dated

365. solution

Meaning;resolution, remedy, answer, help, redress

366. under

Meaning;below, below, beneath, underneath, down

367. water

Meaning;aquatic, aqueous, juice

368. lucky

Meaning;fortunate, auspicious, jammy, prosperous

369. bachelor

Meaning;single, bach

370. aggressive

Meaning;offensive, pushy, militant

371. peace

Meaning;reconciliation, concord

372. dedicated


373. foundation

Meaning;basis, base, ground, root, groundwork

374. confident

Meaning;sure, certain, assured, safe, secure

375. convince

Meaning;persuade, prevail on, prevail upon

376. damage


377. partition

Meaning;the state of dividing or being divided into parts

378. ambitious

Meaning;avid, greedy, passionate, competitive

379. whether

Meaning;if, provided that, providing that

380. lifestyle

Meaning;way to life, situation, manner of living

381. deposit

Meaning;security, down payment, caution money

382. never

Meaning;no way, nothing, nevermore, by no means

383. sure

Meaning;confident, certain, assured

384. hold

Meaning;keep, grip, retain

385. maybe

Meaning;perhaps, possibly, perchance

386. within

Meaning;in, inside of, therein

387. normal

Meaning;regular, ordinary, standard, normative

388. overwhelmed

Meaning;choke, strangle, drown, suffocate, smother

389. unnecessary

Meaning;redundant, superfluous, unneeded

390. professional

Meaning;relating to or belonging to a profession

391. similar

Meaning;like, parallel, analogue, counterpart

392. adorable

Meaning;very good, terrific, slashing

393. young

Meaning;teen, youthful, junior, adolescent, juvenile

394. lack

Meaning;deficiency, deficit, shortage, shortcoming

395. short

Meaning;brief, concise, curt, summary, mini

396. important

Meaning;significant, major, substantial, considerable

397. escape

Meaning;getaway, flight, bolt

398. small

Meaning;little, minor, young, younger, petty

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399. company

Meaning;corporation, firm, establishment, house, concern

400. additionally

Meaning;also, further, furthermore, besides

401. favorite

Meaning;sideburns, whiskers, sideboards

402. growth

Meaning;expansion, development, enlargement

403. way

Meaning;road, path, route, track, via

404. evident

Meaning;marked, prominent, clear

405. decrease

Meaning;reduce, ax, cut back, lessen, abate

406. dramatic

Meaning;theatrical, stagey, stagy

407. put

Meaning;place, set, lay, put down, lay down

408. transform

Meaning;convert, turn into, turn to

409. greeting

Meaning;salutation, salute, hail, congratulation

410. impulsive

Meaning;repulsive, repellent, unattractive, impulsive

411. food poisoning

Meaning;botulism,salmonella,ptomaine poisoning

412. distal


413. help

Meaning;assistant, auxiliary, helper, aide, aid

414. waiting

Meaning;cautious, prudent, wary

415. delicious

Meaning;tasty, yummy, savory, palatable, succulent

416. honest

Meaning;fair, frank, righteous, straight, straightforward

417. schedule

Meaning;program, timetable, routine

418. discrimination

Meaning;differentiation, distinction

419. no

Meaning;any, zero

420. permanent

Meaning;persistent, lasting, stable, residual, consistent

421. monogamy

Meaning;an advantage or profit gained from sth.

422. concern

Meaning;anxiety, worry, fear, fears, apprehension

423. sleep

Meaning;go to sleep, be asleep, rest, have rest, snooze

424. implement

Meaning;apply, enforce, perform, exert, carry out

425. patience

Meaning;endurance, forbearance, steadfastness

426. eager

Meaning;willing, keen, enthusiastic, ready, solicitous

427. product

Meaning;produce, crop, yield, fruit, harvest

428. technique

Meaning;technics, technic, practice

429. innovative

Meaning;modern, contemporary

430. place

Meaning;location, ground, space, spot, site

431. timid

Meaning;timid, skittish, jumpy, mousy, fearful

432. point

Meaning;dot, spot, period

433. necessary

Meaning;essential, requisite, indispensable, imperative

434. design

Meaning;project, plan, contrive, propose, purpose

435. have

Meaning;possess, own, or hold

436. annoying

Meaning;boring, tedious, bothersome, embarrassing

437. obvious

Meaning;open, outdoor, clear, light, explicit

438. broad

Meaning;common, widespread, extensive, prevalent

439. fancy

Meaning;ornate, luxuriant, florid, flowery, arrayed

440. know

Meaning;understand, savvy, wise up, be wise to

441. context

Meaning;status, case, situation

442. hostile

Meaning;dissident, opposing, oppositional, antagonistic

443. illustrate

Meaning;exemplify, sample, define

444. approach

Meaning;come near sth. in distance or time

445. view

Meaning;observe, sight, consider, see into

446. illiterate

Meaning;uneducated, uninformed, benighted

447. absolutely

Meaning;definitely, certainly, strictly

448. correct

Meaning;direct, right, accurate, true, proper

449. domestic

Meaning;local, native, indigenous, aboriginal, autochthonous

450. represent

Meaning;symbolize, exemplify, stand for, body forth

451. journey

Meaning;travel, trip, voyage, peregrination, eyre

452. scared

Meaning;frightened, afraid, terrified, awestruck

453. beginning

Meaning;starting, early, preliminary

454. nasty

Meaning;bad, poor, worse

455. review

Meaning;criticism, critique, knocking, comment

456. challenge

Meaning;a call to take part in a contest or competition

457. lonely

Meaning;alone, solo, lone, single, solitary

458. judgemental

Meaning;concerning the use of judgment

459. superficial

Meaning;surface, shallow, tangential, cosmetic

460. money

Meaning;currency, cash, funds, coin, dough

461. fear

Meaning;horror, fright, dread, awe, alarm

462. unusual

Meaning;unconventional, eccentric, off the beaten track

463. tiny

Meaning;small, diminutive, very small, smallish

464. thoughtful

Meaning;considerate, pensive, reflective

465. vast

Meaning;wide, broad, spacious

466. eventually

Meaning;finally, in the end, at last

467. characterized

Meaning;define, describe, portray

468. zenith

Meaning;peak, climax, pinnacle, summit, height

469. angry

Meaning;hot, pissed off, furious, mad

470. rise

Meaning;increase, increment, up, enhancement

471. individual

Meaning;separate, singular

472. urban

Meaning;relating to a town or city

473. respond

Meaning;answer, reply, talk back

474. secure

Meaning;provide, ensure, supply

475. worried

Meaning;concerned, anxious, apprehensive, suspenseful

476. patient

Meaning;uncomplaining, enduring, tolerant

477. memories

Meaning;remembrances, reminiscences

478. conflict

Meaning;clash, battle, skirmish, collision, disagreement

479. make sure

Meaning;be sure, know for certain, feel certain

480. basic

Meaning;fundamental, primary, underlying, principal

481. interpret

Meaning;comment, construe, decipher

482. serve

Meaning;service, render service to, hop

483. program

Meaning;schedule, timetable, routine

484. cut

Meaning;cutting, shearing, truncation

485. play

Meaning;move, hop, act, perform, play with

486. democracy

Meaning;a form of government

487. more

Meaning;a greater or additional amount or degree of

488. yes

Meaning;yea, yep

489. proficient

Meaning;enough, sufficient, adequate

490. rare

Meaning;uncommon, unusual, infrequent, scarce

491. style

Meaning;way, manner, mode, genre, fashion

492. beneficial

Meaning;helpful, useful, advantageous, good

493. education

Meaning;training, instruction, schooling, practice

494. generate

Meaning;create, form, compose, carve out, constitute

495. motivation

Meaning;reasons one has for acting in a particular way

496. hidden

Meaning;latent, secret, confidential

497. silent

Meaning;quiet, mute, muted

498. arrive

Meaning;reach, arrive at, get, make, get to

499. procedure

Meaning;operation, process, processing

500. dangerous

Meaning;hazardous, perilous, unsafe, risky

501. sharp

Meaning;keen, pungent, acute

502. circumstances

Meaning;conditions, terms, circumstances, state of affairs

503. various

Meaning;diverse, diversified, different, assorted

504. opinion

Meaning;sight, view, vision, idea, aspect

505. safe

Meaning;secure, reliable, confident, trustworthy

506. extraordinary

Meaning;exceptional, remarkable, phenomenal

507. lead

Meaning;leadership, captainship, captaincy

508. bottom

Meaning;underside, base, lower part

509. fun

Meaning;entertainment, amusement, recreation

510. abundance

Meaning;plenty, abundance, plethora

511. unique

Meaning;unparalleled, unmatched, matchless

512. behavior

Meaning;attitude, conduct, act, action, treatment

513. power

Meaning;strength, force, capacity, ability, energy

514. allow

Meaning;let, authorise, authorize, consent, empower

515. despair

Meaning;hopelessness, desperation, despondency

516. awful

Meaning;terrible, horrible, scary

517. bitter

Meaning;painful, hot, sad, brackish, harsh

518. clarity

Meaning;openness, aperture, clearance

519. conducted

Meaning;administer, direct, govern, rule, run

520. dead

Meaning;deceased, defunct, lifeless, inanimate

521. walk

Meaning;gait, hike, pace, tread

522. black

Meaning;sable, sooty, ivory-black

523. display

Meaning;screen, monitor, display unit, telescreen

524. day

Meaning;daytime, daylight

525. boost

Meaning;increase, improve, enhance

526. encounter

Meaning;match, meet, meeting

527. selfish

Meaning;egotistical, egoistic, thoughtless

528. whereas

Meaning;but, while, however

529. clumsy

Meaning;incompetent, awkward, inept, fumbling

530. violent

Meaning;severe, vigorous, intense

531. congratulations

Meaning;compliments, felicitations,

532. hyperbole

Meaning;exaggeration, trimmings, overstatement

533. empty

Meaning;blank, free, idle, leisure, null

534. in addition

Meaning;also, besides, at that, besides that

535. subordinate

Meaning;lower in rank, under, inferior, nether

536. accept

Meaning;admit, adopt, receive, acknowledge

537. crucial

Meaning;very important

538. sadist


539. hell

Meaning;inferno, blazes, Gehenna

540. loyal

Meaning;faithful, devoted, staunch

541. analyze

Meaning;examine, investigate, study, peruse

542. like

Meaning;approve, appreciate, enjoy, applaud, care

543. hot

Meaning;warm, friendly, thermal, fervent, quick

544. explain

Meaning;clarify, account, express, elucidate, account for

545. latter

Meaning;last, recent, latest, final, late

546. brave

Meaning;bold, courageous, daring, gritty, intrepid

547. application

Meaning;practice, implementation, administration

548. meeting

Meaning;conference, session, gathering, assembly

549. defendant

Meaning;accused, defendant, suspect

550. question

Meaning;inquiries, query, inquiry, interrogation

551. influence

Meaning;effect, impact, action, effectiveness, efficacy

552. part

Meaning;piece, component, fragment, portion, moiety

553. grief

Meaning;sorrow, sadness, woe, heartbreak, dreariness

554. previous

Meaning;occurring before in time or order

555. worse

Meaning;bad, poor, evil

556. will

Meaning;wish, desire, beg

557. job

Meaning;business, work, working, employment

558. brief

Meaning;short, brief, concise, curt, summary, mini

559. nocturnal

Meaning;done, occurring, or active at night

560. useful

Meaning;helpful, beneficial, advantageous, good

561. despite

Meaning;in spite of, notwithstanding

562. target

Meaning;goal, destination, aim

563. led

Meaning;drive, drive out, last

564. promote

Meaning;support, encourage, assist, underpin, bolster

565. enable

Meaning;make possible, facilitate, allow of, serve

566. in order

Meaning;in turn, one by one, by turns

567. pro


568. sir

Meaning;gentleman, sir, mister, lord, esquire

569. powerful


570. adapt

Meaning;comply, fit, follow, comply with, match

571. it

Meaning;that, he, she

572. become

Meaning;be, have, happen

573. bright

Meaning;brilliant, shiny, glossy, shining, polished

574. good

Meaning;well, decent, fine, great, okay

575. do

Meaning;make, perform, build, have, take

576. contain

Meaning;include, implicate, imply

577. successful

Meaning;accomplishing an aim or purpose

578. consequences

Meaning;results, conclusions, outcome, consequence

579. practical

Meaning;convenient, applied, businesslike

580. authentic

Meaning;real, true, actual, genuine, exact; reliable

581. also

Meaning;too, so, withal

582. enormous

Meaning;great, large, big, major, older

583. study

Meaning;work, working, running, labor, training

584. examine

Meaning;investigate, study, analyze, view, peruse

585. sex

Meaning;sexual activity

586. reluctant

Meaning;unwilling, loath, averse, indisposed, disinclined

587. busy

Meaning;engaged, occupied, concerned, engrossed

588. perform

Meaning;make, do, build, have, take

589. tasty

Meaning;delicious, yummy, savory

590. result

Meaning;conclusion, outcome, consequence, end

591. exceptional

Meaning;extraordinary, remarkable, phenomenal

592. expensive

Meaning;pricey, costly, pricy, dear, precious

593. gratitude

Meaning;thankfulness, blessing, appreciation, indebtedness

594. giant

Meaning;huge, colossal, goliath, kingsize

595. profound

Meaning;deep, sound, abstruse

596. period

Meaning;term, semester, session

597. thanks

Meaning;thank, appreciation, acknowledgment

598. private

Meaning;special, specific, exclusive

599. careful

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Meaning;attentive, cautious, scrupulous

600. sometimes

Meaning;occasionally, sometime, from time to time

601. smooth

Meaning;sleek, glabrous, glazed, glare, clean-cut

602. develop

Meaning;improve, advance, cultivate, evolve, build up

603. system

Meaning;tract, regime, framework, grid

604. humble

Meaning;modest, unobtrusive, unassuming

605. initiative

Meaning;attempt, venture, interference

606. group

Meaning;set, band, bunch, category, party

607. form

Meaning;create, compose, carve out

608. long

Meaning;extended, lengthy, prolonged

609. key

Meaning;spanner, clef, clue, cipher, clew

610. indicate

Meaning;specify, point out, define, remark

611. embrace

Meaning;hug, embracing, squeeze, hugging, cuddle

612. bring

Meaning;bring in, get, carry

613. rough

Meaning;rude, coarse, bearish, crude, vulgar

614. talkative

Meaning;chatty, talkative, communicative

615. pride

Meaning;vanity, elation, haughtiness, hauteur

616. people

Meaning;human beings, mankind, humanity, folks

617. conclusion

Meaning;result, outcome, consequence, end, effect

618. first

Meaning;initial, early, primary, original, preliminary

619. loss

Meaning;damage, harm, loss, hurt, detriment, injury

620. praise

Meaning;compliment, tribute, eulogy, commendation

621. crescendo


622. body

Meaning;flesh, system, form

623. behaviour

Meaning;behavior, attitude, conduct

624. really

Meaning;truly, actually, indeed, real, genuinely

625. naughty

Meaning;dirty, nasty, indecent, shameless, rude

626. clear

Meaning;easy to perceive, understand, or interpret

627. parallel

Meaning;equidistant, collateral

628. meaningful


629. pleasure

Meaning;taste, liking, delight, enjoyment, treat

630. run

Meaning;start, operate, actuate, set to work, power

631. use

Meaning;utilization, application, access, disposal

632. west

Meaning;the direction

633. include

Meaning;add, join, annex, mix, adjoin

634. humility

Meaning;modesty, humbleness, unpretentiousness

635. start

Meaning;beginning, onset, inception, origin

636. modest

Meaning;humble, unobtrusive, unassuming

637. fake

Meaning;false, counterfeit, forged, fraudulent

638. extremely happy

Meaning;delighted, merry, blissful, elated, contented

639. agree

Meaning;accept, admit, adopt, receive

640. test

Meaning;trial, quiz, experiment

641. perspective

Meaning;view, appearance, outlook

642. some

Meaning;an unspecified amount or number of

643. although

Meaning;in spite of the fact that; even though

644. protect

Meaning;maintain, preserve, keep, guard

645. surplus

Meaning;much, surplus, extra, excessive, plus

646. most

Meaning;best, the very, very

647. monitor

Meaning;follow, follow up, trace

648. finally

Meaning;eventually, at last, lastly, after all, at the end

649. horizontal

Meaning;flat, level, supine, straight, flat, plain

650. aim

Meaning;goal, purpose, objective, object, intent

651. dumb

Meaning;foolish, dumb, silly, daft, goofy

652. clean

Meaning;fresh, clear, neat, pure, tidy

653. passive

Meaning;inactive, quiescent, nonviolent

654. healthy

Meaning;sound, wholesome, healthful, well, fit

655. sink

Meaning;immerse, dip, ruin, jab, bankrupt

656. obtain

Meaning;get, acquire, make, have, win

657. partner

Meaning;associate, shareholder, mate

658. vague

Meaning;uncertain, unclear, ambiguous, indefinite, obscure

659. preceding

Meaning;previous, former, prior

660. follow

Meaning;trace, track, pursue, chase

661. match

Meaning;game, event, contest

662. amount

Meaning;quantity, number, sum, supply, deal

663. wild

Meaning;brutal, savage, ferocious, feral

664. business

Meaning;job, work, working, employment, task

665. on the other hand

Meaning;conversely, moreover, otherwise

666. request

Meaning;want, ask, ask for, require, wish

667. fight

Meaning;quarrel, row, brawl, feud

668. moreover

Meaning;over and above, even, also

669. truly

Meaning;really, actually, indeed

670. practice

Meaning;application, implementation, administration

671. was

Meaning;first and third person singular past of be

672. ancestor

Meaning;father, predecessor, forerunner, progenitor

673. assume

Meaning;accept, bear, stand

674. enhance

Meaning;increase, improve, boost, raise, bid up

675. beautiful soul

Meaning;nice soul, good soul

676. repeat

Meaning;repetition, recurrence, reiteration

677. harmful

Meaning;detrimental, harmful, deleterious, noxious

678. oral

Meaning;by word of mouth, verbal

679. immediately

Meaning;now, right away, directly, soon, instantly

680. research

Meaning;study, search, investigation

681. opportunity

Meaning;chance, luck, shot, fortune, good luck

682. alternative

Meaning;available as another possibility

683. insight

Meaning;clutch, grip, understanding, grasp

684. active

Meaning;operative, energetic, busy

685. extra

Meaning;additional, supernumerary, supplementary

686. inform

Meaning;report, notice, notify, declare, tell

687. luxury

Meaning;lux, sumptuousness, grandeur, costliness

688. want

Meaning;request, ask, ask for, require, wish

689. high

Meaning;loud, elevated, tall, superior, lofty

690. smile

Meaning;laugh, laugh at

691. substantial

Meaning;important, significant, major

692. right

Meaning;direct, correct, accurate, true, proper

693. very

Meaning;much, many, numerous, plenty, good

694. statement

Meaning;explanation, comment, account

695. hard working

Meaning;diligent, industrious, studious, energetic

696. physical

Meaning;bodily, somatic, corporal

697. pleasant

Meaning;nice, lovely, pretty, delightful, pleasing

698. miracle

Meaning;marvel, wonder, prodigy

699. linear

Meaning;extending along a straight

700. dark

Meaning;obscure, murky, shadowy, gloomy

701. careless

Meaning;inattentive, remiss, unwary, listless

702. exhausted

Meaning;tired, worn, weary

703. activities

Meaning;business, action, service, doing, bustle

704. wide

Meaning;broad, spacious, large, extensive

705. chill

Meaning;cold, cool, chilly

706. discover

Meaning;explore, find, cipher out, descry, detect

707. you


708. abstract

Meaning;intangible, discrete, notional

709. commence

Meaning;start, begin, launch, get going

710. several

Meaning;a few

711. limited

Meaning;restricted, finite, narrow, scarce, scant

712. stubborn

Meaning;persistent, intractable, tenacious, recalcitrant

713. relevant

Meaning;appropriate, suitable, convenient

714. supportive

Meaning;encouraging, caring, sympathetic

715. brain

Meaning;brains, cerebrum, mastermind

716. bride


717. said

Meaning;past participle of say

718. begin

Meaning;start, commence

719. sneaky

Meaning;insidious, sly, sneaking

720. buy

Meaning;purchase, get, invest in, buy in

721. attributes

Meaning;features, properties, characteristics

722. passionate

Meaning;ambitious, sultry, hellbent, warm-blooded

723. party

Meaning;bash, shipment, shindig, parcel, hand

724. open

Meaning;outdoor, clear, obvious, light, explicit

725. fabulous

Meaning;wonderful, fantastic, cool

726. explore

Meaning;discover, find, cipher out, descry, detect

727. majority

Meaning;plurality, bulk, preponderance

728. passion

Meaning;ambition, desire, penchant, crush, bug

729. conceal

Meaning;hide, cover up, secrete

730. obedient

Meaning;submissive, obedient, compliant, observant

731. remove

Meaning;lift, hoist, heave, abolish, arouse

732. book

Meaning;writing, notebook, registry

733. delay

Meaning;postpone, adjourn, hold up, impede

734. ask

Meaning;inquire, ask about, pose, demand, query

735. ideal

Meaning;optimal, optimum, pattern, soaring

736. critical

Meaning;crucial, climacteric, tight, supreme

737. familiar

Meaning;known, common, proverbial, given

738. messy

Meaning;scattered, diffuse, dispersed, disorganized

739. customer

Meaning;client, shopper, purchaser

740. separate

Meaning;allocate, partition, sunder

741. reflect

Meaning;mirror, externalize, picture, project

742. depression

Meaning;collapse, breakdown, sag

743. fascism


744. nervous

Meaning;tending to be anxious

745. strange

Meaning;odd, awkward, bizarre, funny, curious

746. weak

Meaning;poor, low, faint, thin, lean

747. manage

Meaning;work, run, exploit, operate, control

748. consistent

Meaning;stable, steady, strong

749. shallow

Meaning;fordable, shoaly

750. insane

Meaning;crazy, mad, distracted

751. boon

Meaning;blessing, benefaction, grace

752. service

Meaning;duty, employment, ministry, labor, ministration

753. lost

Meaning;missing, gone

754. mistake

Meaning;error, fault, wrong, trip, flaw

755. same

Meaning;in rem, identical, equal, one, uniform

756. freedom

Meaning;liberty, independence, latitude

757. witch

Meaning;hag, bitch, ghoul, hellcat, gorgon

758. achieve

Meaning;reach, arrive, attain, hit, get at

759. misogyny

Meaning;ingrained prejudice against women

760. fix

Meaning;adjust, set aright, improve, tidy up

761. travel

Meaning;trip, journey, voyage, peregrination, eyre

762. cheap

Meaning;inexpensive, low, dime, giveaway

763. super

Meaning;topping, classy, some

764. minimalist

Meaning;advocates minimalism in art or music

765. forget

Meaning;be unmindful of, neglect, leave out

766. food

Meaning;nutrition, nutrient, diet, nourishment

767. results


768. opposed

Meaning;counter, opposing, facing, opponent

769. materialistic

Meaning;material, tangible, physical, pecuniary, corporeal

770. see

Meaning;view, observe, sight, consider, see into

771. over


772. overall

Meaning;all, entire, whole, total, undivided

773. define

Meaning;describe, portray, characterize, be descriptive of

774. gain

Meaning;winnings, earnings, income, profit, benefit

775. summary

Meaning;abstract, brief, digest

776. incredible

Meaning;unbelievable, fantastic, fabulous, implausible

777. stuck

Meaning;past tense of stick

778. back

Meaning;rear, backward, reverse, reversing

779. ancient

Meaning;old, used, former, past, ex

780. effect

Meaning;impact, influence, action, effectiveness

781. range

Meaning;sequence, series, set, string, row

782. control

Meaning;check, inspection, examination, supervision

783. priority

Meaning;precedence, primacy, preference

784. engage

Meaning;keep, hold, grip, retain, keep in

785. ignorant

Meaning;illiterate, uneducated, uninformed, benighted

786. by

Meaning;according to; with

787. accomplish

Meaning;succeed, overcome, get through, win through

788. angel

Meaning;cherub, goody-goody, sponsor

789. gay

Meaning;homophile, lesbian, queer

790. relax

Meaning;take a rest, rest, sit back, lie back

791. casual

Meaning;everyday, daily, casual, quotidian, per diem

792. stupid

Meaning;foolish, dumb, silly, daft, goofy

793. community

Meaning;group, society, ensemble, crowd, gathering

794. credible

Meaning;reliable, tried, trustworthy, dependable

795. blessing

Meaning;boon, benefaction

796. detailed

Meaning;exhaustive, itemized, particular

797. generous

Meaning;bountiful, profuse, liberal, handsome

798. please

Meaning;satisfy, make happy, gladden

799. think

Meaning;consider, imagine, contemplate, reflect


800. treatment

Meaning;therapy, cure, remedy

801. big

Meaning;great, large, major, older, grand

802. thin

Meaning;fine, slim, subtle, slender, delicate

803. quality

Meaning;grade, class, standard, chop, water

804. blessed

Meaning;holy, sacred, venerable, saintlike

805. risk

Meaning;venture, hazard, chance, jeopardy

806. made

Meaning;done, accomplished

807. judgement

Meaning;decision, judgment, decree

808. evidence

Meaning;demonstration, argument, confirmation, case

809. potential

Meaning;having the capacity to become sthin the future

810. won

Meaning;past form of win

811. promise

Meaning;make a promise, assure, guarantee, commit

812. thrive

Meaning;develop, improve, evolve, grow, flourish

813. crowded

Meaning;populous, congested, multitudinous, thronged

814. improve

Meaning;develop, advance, cultivate, evolve, build up

815. ridiculous

Meaning;laughable, ludicrous, funny, humorous

816. elegant

Meaning;gracious, graceful, stylish, neat, dainty

817. ability

Meaning;capability, talent, skill, capacity, flair

818. friend

Meaning;companion, mate, fellow, buddy, pal

819. purpose

Meaning;goal, aim, objective, object, intent

820. expert

Meaning;professional, proficient, regular

821. comfortable

Meaning;comfy, easy, leisure, snug, undisturbed

822. poor

Meaning;bad, worse, evil, ill, nasty

823. blue

Meaning;a color

824. boss

Meaning;patron, employer, magnate, pattern, guv

825. horse

Meaning;an animal

826. god

Meaning;deity, divinity, idol

827. another

Meaning;different, alternative, distinct

828. due to

Meaning;for, because of, owing to

829. personality

Meaning;seater, character, identity

830. prevent

Meaning;prohibit, intercept, avert, avoid

831. choose

Meaning;select, elect, perceive

832. speed

Meaning;accelerate, speed up, expedite

833. copy

Meaning;reproduce, crib, transcribe

834. building


835. history

Meaning;date, annals, past

836. instead

Meaning;as an alternative or substitute

837. assertive

Meaning;pretentious, assertive, artsy, disputed, arty

838. acute

Meaning;narrow, tight, constricted, strait, parochial

839. factors

Meaning;elements, agent

840. imagine

Meaning;think, think of, consider

841. proper

Meaning;appropriate, suitable, convenient

842. culture

Meaning;ethos, civilization

843. strive

Meaning;struggle, scramble, endeavour, endeavor

844. sub

Meaning;under, below, beneath, underneath, sub

845. uncomfortable

Meaning;disturbed, troubled, uneasy, sick, ill

846. crazy

Meaning;mad, insane, distracted, lunatic, mad about

847. plan

Meaning;scheme, layout, plot, program, design

848. manipulate

Meaning;manage, administrate, handle, control

849. handsome

Meaning;personable, smart, comely, shapely, sightly

850. encourage

Meaning;stimulate, incite, urge, set on, ginger up

851. sophisticated

Meaning;advanced, developed, improved

852. in conclusion

Meaning;result, outcome, consequence, end

853. data

Meaning;datum, throughput, information

854. reason

Meaning;cause, rise, motive, ground, case

855. capacity

Meaning;capability, volume, bulk

856. persistent

Meaning;permanent, lasting, stable

857. conversation

Meaning;talk, speech, speaking

858. struggle

Meaning;fight, battle, fighting, combat

859. sexy

Meaning;attractive, appealing, charming, captivating

860. jealousy

Meaning;envy, jaundice

861. complicated

Meaning;complex, sophisticated

862. element

Meaning;staff member, personnel, component

863. apply

Meaning;implement, enforce, perform, exert

864. full

Meaning;complete, exact, whole, just, precise

865. identity

Meaning;identification, certificate, identicalness

866. ordinary

Meaning;common, casual, nondescript, commonplace

867. receive

Meaning;get, take, buy, pick up, take on

868. recommend

Meaning;propose, suggest, commit

869. outstanding

Meaning;exclusive, outstanding, select, selected, eminent

870. value

Meaning;worth, price, amount, rate, valuation

871. gloomy

Meaning;dreary, dismal, bleak, somber, sombre

872. major

Meaning;great, large, big, older, grand

873. boyfriend

Meaning;partner, lover, young man

874. quiet

Meaning;silent, mute, muted, noiseless, soundless

875. significant

Meaning;important, major, substantial, considerable

876. boring

Meaning;tedious, dusty, dull, drab, oppressive

877. compassion

Meaning;pity, mercy, grace, charity, clemency

878. precious

Meaning;valuable, valued, worthy, dear, estimable

879. update

Meaning;modernize, update, rearm

880. intelligent

Meaning;smart, clever, cute, wise, astute

881. elite

Meaning;notables, cream of society, the great

882. courage

Meaning;bravery, guts, daring, prowess, spunk

883. prepare

Meaning;equip, make ready, arrange, coach, concoct

884. past

Meaning;previous, gone, bygone

885. suffering

Meaning;pain, hurt, grief, sorrow, sting

886. coward

Meaning;funky, fearful, cowardly, timid, dastardly

887. success

Meaning;achievement, performance, accomplishment

888. got

Meaning;past form of get

889. evil

Meaning;bad, poor, worse, ill, nasty

890. compromise

Meaning;reconciliation, agreement, settlement

891. deficit

Meaning;shortage, shortfall, deficiency

892. observe

Meaning;watch, sight, spy, spy out, monitor

893. reveal

Meaning;disclose, spill, divulge, lay bare, betray

894. role

Meaning;part, act

895. acquire

Meaning;win, earn, gain

896. forever

Meaning;eternally, to all eternity, everlastingly

897. willing

Meaning;eager, keen, enthusiastic

898. dawn

Meaning;aurora, daylight, first light, sunglow, twillight

899. impossible

Meaning;unfeasible, unthinkable, absurd

900. huge

Meaning;giant, colossal, goliath, kingsize

901. regarding

Meaning;concerning, respecting

902. inverse

Meaning;reverse, opposite, adverse, contrary, inverted

903. nature

Meaning;phenomena of the physical world collectively

904. vital

Meaning;absolutely necessary or important

905. lateral

Meaning;side, ancillary, of, at, toward

906. teach

Meaning;instruct, show, enlighten, indoctrinate

907. atheist


908. energy

Meaning;power, vigor, drive, steam, pep

909. assess

Meaning;determine, define, specify

910. harmony

Meaning;conformity, accordance, consistency, coherence

911. time

Meaning;when, while, tense, day, date

912. reality

Meaning;truth, authenticity, actuality, genuineness

913. regardless

Meaning;in any case, in any event, at any rate

914. with

Meaning;by, on, together with, cum, withal

915. ways

Meaning;way, roads, paths

916. girl

Meaning;daughter, female, chick

917. skills

Meaning;abilities, dexterity, ingenuity, craft, knack

918. special

Meaning;private, specific, exclusive, particular, personal

919. very good

Meaning;great, jolly good, hell of

920. fascinating

Meaning;charming, enchanting, captivating

921. less

Meaning;lesser, smaller, minus

922. collaboration

Meaning;cooperation, association, league, cahoot

923. opposite


924. heart

Meaning;soul, feelings, breast

925. confirm

Meaning;approve, ratify, endorse, authorise

926. push

Meaning;thrust, pushing, repulsion

927. jealous

Meaning;envious, grudging, jaundiced, yellow

928. unknown

Meaning;obscure, strange, mysterious

929. new

Meaning;recent, novel, fresh, renewed, young

930. independent

Meaning;free, sovereign, detached, uncommitted

931. sour

Meaning;tart, acid, sourish, hard, sharp

932. ugly

Meaning;homely, unattractive, unsightly

933. asleep

Meaning;sleeping, dormant, asleep, slumberous

934. work

Meaning;study, working, running, labor, training

935. thus

Meaning;so, in this way, thence

936. tame

Meaning;domesticate, housebreak, reclaim

937. failure

Meaning;setback, collapse, defeat, unsuccess

938. disaster

Meaning;catastrophe, calamity, stunner

939. participate

Meaning;join, participate, attend, take part, join in

940. lady

Meaning;woman, miss, madam, madame, mistress

941. attractive

Meaning;appealing, charming, captivating, taking

942. dense

Meaning;intensive, intense, busy

943. because

Meaning;for, inasmuch as, forwhy

944. simple

Meaning;basic, easy, straightforward, simplistic

945. doubt

Meaning;suspicion, question, uncertainty

946. responsible

Meaning;liable, in charge of, accountable, managing

947. contract

Meaning;agreement, articles, charter, covenant, pact

948. person

Meaning;individual, self, persona, soul, cad

949. benign

Meaning;of good character, spleenless, in fine feather

950. close

Meaning;shut down, shut, cover, switch off, buy up

951. while

Meaning;a period of time

952. tough

Meaning;hard, rigid, harsh, stiff, solid

953. option

Meaning;choice, selection, alternative

954. diverse

Meaning;various, different, assorted, varied

955. advanced

Meaning;developed, improved, sophisticated

956. low

Meaning;nominal, subdued, fallen, falling

957. reduce

Meaning;decrease, ax, cut back, lessen, abate

958. focus

Meaning;center, centre

959. feeling

Meaning;sense, emotion, feel, sentiment, sensation

960. idle

Meaning;blank, empty, free, leisure, null

961. me

Meaning;used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself

962. lend

Meaning;give, grant, yield, serve, deliver

963. optimistic

Meaning;sanguine, hopeful, roseate

964. come

Meaning;get, arrive, come up to, stem

965. express

Meaning;state, word, mean, give voice to

966. in

Meaning;within, inside, among, amongst

967. hence

Meaning;therefore, hereby, on account of this

968. determined

Meaning;decided, stable, decisive, resolute, firm

969. change

Meaning;modify, replace, alter, switch, vary

970. genuine

Meaning;real, true, actual, authentic, exact

971. cruel

Meaning;brutal, tyrannical, oppressive

972. dull

Meaning;opaque, dim, cold, matt, glassy

973. overcome

Meaning;accomplish, tide over, come through, cope

974. definitely

Meaning;absolutely, certainly, strictly, sure, precisely

975. leave

Meaning;quit, release, drop, let, stop

976. favourite

Meaning;favorite, sideburns, whiskers

977. subject

Meaning;exposed, submitted, subject to

978. war

Meaning;fighting, wartime

979. talk

Meaning;speak, talk to, speak to, discourse

980. crying

Meaning;weeping, wailing, lachrymose

981. worst

Meaning;most serious or unpleasant thing

982. inverse relationship


983. proactive


984. best friend

Meaning;person’s closest friend

985. demonstrate

Meaning;show, indicate, display, represent, show off

986. presence

Meaning;asset, entity, existence

987. far

Meaning;remote, distant, off, faraway, outlying

988. excessive

Meaning;extreme, ultra, high

989. cause

Meaning;reason, rise, motive, ground, case

990. touch

Meaning;contact, communication, feel

991. sound

Meaning;audio, vocal, acoustic

992. cold

Meaning;cool, chilly, chill, frosty, frigid

993. take

Meaning;get, receive, buy, pick up, take on

994. penis

Meaning;dick, cock, phallus, pecker, prick

995. student

Meaning;pupil, disciple, schoolgirl

996. outgoing

Meaning;friendly and socially confident

997. okay

Meaning;confirmation, approval

998. fit

Meaning;appropriate, suitable, convenient

999. writing

Meaning;clerical, scriptural, article

1000. apathy

(Video) 1000 English Vocabulary For Beginners | B

Meaning;indifference, neglect, listlessness, insouciance


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